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Hagen family; Sende, Elling Anderson / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 2 ([unpublished])

From Guruanna Sende/ Eau Claire the 13th Dec. 1886 PDF (302.5 KB)

From Guru   anna Sende
Eau  Claire the 13th Dec. 1886
Dear unforgettable Mother,
Your  most  welcome  letter  we have actually received, 
which for us was a great joy.    We see by  your  letter  that
 you   live  as  usual  and  the same we can say to the Lord's
 honor and praise.
As to news to report we have none, but we hope it   will 
be   newsworthy  enough  when  you  hear   that we are in good
 health, for that is the most important thing we have here in
 this world.
Elling has now gone to the woods a week or two ago   and
now   everyone  has gone to the woods, and now it is just two
 weeks until Christmas.   So now you are very busy in   Norway, 
but   here it is the same as always.  Yes,  it would have been
 fun if I could have made a Christmas visit to    all  of  you,
 but   it  is  too far between.   It would be of no use to talk 
about such a thing, but you must come and bring    along  many
 friends.   That would really be fun.
The menfolks are in the woods and we womenfolk are here 
sitting   at home alone for that is the pattern every winter.
We send you many greetings from my mother and likewise    from 
my sister.   My mother is still agile and active.*
You  must  greet the folks at Moan and Anne Maritte.   I
 should tell you that our son, Karl, was confirmed this    fall 
and   he  is  growing  and  will   soon be as big a man as his
We must now put away our pen and ink with the hope that 
we will receive some lines back as    soon  as  possible.  You
 are   being  sent good wishes from all of us, but lastly from
 me your daughter-in- law
Guruanna Sende
We are sending a magazine   page  showing  some  of  our
 house plants so you can get to see some of what grows here.
We forgot to greet Oluf.   We received a letter from him
 the   same  day  as  yours.  They live as usual.   We are also
 sending a portrait of Karl so you can see if    you  recognize
 him   again.  He  was fifteen years the 5th of this month.   I 
wish you all a happy Christmas    and new   year.  Gustav  has 
written   the  last  lines so please greet Mikal from us when
 you meet him.
Guruanna's  mother  was  seventy-three   years  old;  had
 emigrated   as  a recent widow at sixty-seven with two of her 
daughters'   families.  Three  sons   had  come  earlier   and
 settled in the Osseo area.   The daughters had naturally gone
 there  first   -  for how long we're not certain, but do know 
that they were here in Eau Claire by 1882.

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