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Salter, George H., 1826-ca. 1906 / Papers, ca. 1896-1913, 1965
Call Number, Stevens Point SC 60

[George Salter Memoirs],   pp. [1]-34 PDF (71.5 MB)

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brothers.  We had been in New York one week and their little one was dead
and buried over on Staton Island.  They went over but the authorities would
not let them see the child so they came where we were staying and asked us
to go along with them.  We said, "Yes."  So we went to
the station
and paid our fare to Buffalo.
We started the next morning for the west and glad to get out of the city
for it was costing us one dollar per day each and my little pile would soon
be gone at that rate so we got as far as Albany the first day.  That was
Saturday and then we had to stay over Sunday.  There was another expense.
 Then we went out to take a look around the city in the afternoon of Sunday.
 I tell you soon found plenty of friends who told us that we were going to
a damn poor state.  A man could get plenty of work but no money--had to take
just what the farm raised if he did not raise nothing we would get nothing
for our work.  One of the men was an Irishman who said that he knew a place
for me and my wife as the farmer wanted a man and wife to tend to the dairy
and a man to work around the house.  He knew he would just suit him as he
was in the city Saturday and told him to send him if he see anybody that
answered that description, and he would pay good wages to send them along.
 He lived twelve miles from Albany.  I told him that if he would go and show
me the place I would hire a team and pay all expenses.  I called for some
more whiskey and we had a good time of it.  He agreed to meet me Monday morning
by five o'clock.  We all stayed up until eleven o'clock.  I went to the landlord
and spoke to him about it as the Paddy was gone and I had made it up with
the folks that if I got the place they could take my tickets as they had
only paid their fare to Albany.  I had given the Paddy one dollar to begin
with.  The Landlord came in just as we were going upstairs and wanted to
know what damn lies that Paddy had been telling.  I told him my story and
he said that you cannot believe on word that he says as he only wanted to
get all he could of us.  He said, "Man you had better keep on your
and listen to no one that you see in this country as he was served the very
same trick when he landed in New York five years ago."  He was a
man so we were to start the next morning at eight o'clock but did not see
Mr. Paddy.  Went to the depot and loaned the man and wife money to buy their
tickets as he had but one pound left to buy grub with to last them through,
so you see I had two families on my hands to look after.  We got up to Buffalo
and then we had to take the steamer to Kenneau.  Got there allright but no
brothers, there to meet us.  The Hotel that we stopped at was the place that
his brothers gave directions to stop at and they would be there to meet them
with a team.  We went and saw the landlord.  He said that the two brothers
had been there a week and gone back yesterday, and said that if they should
come to let them stay until they should come again, and they would pay all
expenses.  There was a man and wife and three children so that encouraged
me and I said that we would get out as soon as we could get there.  So we
went to a livery stable.  They asked us twelve dollars to take us to Geneva.
 I told the man that was too much and we were poor, but I would give him
ten.  He said that he could do it no cheaper as he and team would be out
all night. So we went bback to the hotel and told the landlord of what we
had done.  He said that

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