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Salter, George H., 1826-ca. 1906 / Papers, ca. 1896-1913, 1965
Call Number, Stevens Point SC 60

[George Salter Memoirs],   pp. [1]-34 PDF (71.5 MB)

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please tell the Judge what he knows about Mr. Salter and wife."
telling the truth," he said, "I never found George in a
lie ever
since he was worked for me.  He is the best hired man that I ever had and
minded his own business bu will not be put on if he is small he will take
his own part in any crowd."  The Judge then asked Mr. Martell if
would go my bondsman for fifty pounds to keep the peace again for six months.
 He said, "Yes sir, and more if you wish."  He said that
will do
and then my lawyer got up and asked the judge if he meant that Mr. Salter
was not to speak to Mr. Prevow.  He said, "Yes."  "Then,
Judge, I ask you to make this man Prevow pay this man and woman before he
leaves this court room and that will stop any more law."  The Judge
said, "Mr. Prevow pay this man and woman what you owe them."
paid it right there and then the Judge said, "Mr. Salter, this courst
has got to punish you for breaking the law.  Therefore, I sentence you to
four days in the jail, two days on bread and water and two days soletary
confinement and not to come before me again or I will put a heavier punishment
on you."  I Thanked him and was turned over to the jailor to be
up.  After I got in the jail I was searched and everything was taken away
from me.  Then he asked me which two days I wanted to be confined.  I told
him if he please, I would take the two first day.  Allright, he said, if
I was a good by he would let me out of the cell every day until eight o'clock
in the morning and then shut up until four in the afternoon, so I thought
I could stand that for two days.  Then the third day my wife bought me a
basket full of one thing and another.  There were seven more in the jail
with me and I tell you we had a good time the other two days I was there.
 The wife was in both days until four o'clock.  The first day the old jailor
gave us a pack of cars to play with and we got into a sham fight and the
old jailor came up in the gallery to see what was the matter, and all of
us grabbed him and put him in one of the cells, and locked him in.  He swore
when he came out he would lock us up in the dark cell.  We kept him there
one hour.  He said that he would be mean enough to put us in dark cells on
the ground floor that night, so we let him out at three o'clock and at five
he sent his wife up with our suppers and she said that Mr. Hosone had gone
to get some men to punish us for using him as we did, so when it was time
to be locked in our cells we all agreed that the whole lot of us would bolt
in one cell and barricade the door with the bedsteads so that the old jailor
could not get in the cell to separate us, so sure enough along he came with
six men but they could not get at us so we stayed there all night and we
sang and raised the devil all night.  The next morning he came up at the
usual hour to let us out and after we were all out he went and locked all
the cells and put the key in his pocket.  he gave me the devil and said that
it was all my fault that the rest carried on so because they were all quiet
before I came and said that he was very glad that my time was up for If I
had to stay one month he would have to lock me up all the time.  He said
that if it was not for my wife he would keep me longer for my carrying on
so yesterday.  So my wife came in a three o'clock and brought me some clean
clothes.  The old man let me out at five o'clock and I went home and got
to work again once more.  I finished Mr. Martell's

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