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Salter, George H., 1826-ca. 1906 / Papers, ca. 1896-1913, 1965
Call Number, Stevens Point SC 60

[George Salter Memoirs],   pp. [1]-34 PDF (71.5 MB)

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I knocked at the door.  Mrs. Prevow came to the door.  She asked me in. 
I said no, I wanted to see Mr. Prevow.  He came to the door and I grabbed
him and pulled him outside and I let him have it, you bet.  He managed to
crawl inside the door on all fours and his wife barred the door against me.
 I kicked the panels of the door in and then the wife and I went home, and
went to bed but did not sleep much.  I went to my work the next morning and
told Mr. Martell all about it and then he told me he was afraid I should
have trouble with him about the money as he had broken a Guernsey man's arm
for ask-ing him for money due him, so as we were talking Mr. Prevow drove
by in his carriage.  Mr. Martell said he was agoing to the the law on me.
 I asked him what I had better do.  He said I should stay where I was and
he would see about it.  Sure enough, as Mr. Martell said, the next day out
comes a warrent and constable.  He came where I was at work and read the
warrent, to appear at the Judge's office the next day.  Mr. Martell told
him he would see that I was there you bet.  It was a big trial.  The Judge's
office was full.  That old rascal up and swore that he did not hinder my
wife from leaving his house and that I came and knocked at his door and he
came to the door with the child in his arms, and I grabbed him by the throat
and pulled him out of his own house.  His wife took the child out of his
arms or it might have been killed in the tussel as I knocked him down and
broke the door in.  His wife went to fetch his gun.  The Judge asked him
if xx  I left then.  He said that I did not and the Judge asked him the reason
he did not shoot.  He said that he had no poweder nor shot.  The Judge said,
"That will do now.  Mr. Salter please tell me all about the trouble
with yourself and Mr. Prevow."  I told him that I worked for him
days and he paid me ten shillings.  He agreed to pay me one shilling and
six pence per day, and he was owing my wife five shillings.  She went and
asked him for the money as I wanted to use it.  I told the Judge that the
woman would tell him the balance, so she told the judge the same as I had
told, and then the Lawyers got up and I had a great talk.XXXX His lawyer
said that if they did not convict that man we have no law on the Island of
Guernsey.  This man Salter could get redress if he applied for it without
taking it in his own hands, and I ought to be banished from the Island. 
He said that if a Guernsey man has to be pounded and set upon by an English
man we better all leave and let the English run the Island to suit themselves.
 My Lawyer got up and asked the worthy gentleman that if a man done his work
as Salter has, he wants his pay and not be bullied out of it as that man
has tried to do but he has found the wrong man this time.  We can prove that
has been his way in doing with his hired men and women.  How did he serve
his own nephew.  He broke his arm and then had to pay him and the doctor
besides.  "Now, Gentlemen, look at this man and woman.  Because
he did
not want to leave his work and go for the money he sent his wife for it and
then this man--but he is not worthy to be called a man--went and abused her
and now he comes here and swears that this man Salter has threatened to take
his life.  Gentlemen, I think to look at this man and woman, they do not
look like murderers.  Look at the man that accuses them.  Looks more like
one than xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx anyone I can see in this courtroom.  Here is Mr.
Martell with this man's character.  He has worked for him this six years.
 Now Mr. Martell will

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