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Salter, George H., 1826-ca. 1906 / Papers, ca. 1896-1913, 1965
Call Number, Stevens Point SC 60

[George Salter Memoirs],   pp. [1]-34 PDF (71.5 MB)

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him anymore he would never pay another half penny, but the man knew better
and he would say allright, I will not take your brother back and pretend
to go away.  Then Peter would call him back and pay him and then Tom would
not go without so much money.  Sometimes he would get him started with two
francs and sometimes Thomas would have more.  One time when Peter would not
give him what he wanted he nearly killed him.  He had him down in the old
man's parlor and had the door locked and the key in his pocket.  My wife
heard the old man holler xxxxxxxxxx murder and run out and call for me. 
I was out in the field.  I did not know what was up.  I ran like the devil,
got there and broke the door open.  Then Thomas and I had a set-to.  He gave
me a beautiful black eye, and Peter cleared out and left us two settle the
question.  I tell you we were two beautiful birds to look at when Peter came
back washed up.  My wife had taken him in our house.  When he came he said,
"Ha, ha, Thomas, you have got your master this time.  I told you
I would get George Salter to give you a dam good threshing some day for your
abuse because I knew he could do it as I saw him fight with a sailor over
half an hour, but George did not know me then."
Thomas wanted to go for Peter again, but I told him to stop it, or I would
settle with him.  "Yes," said Peter, "I shall
leave it to
George to settle with you."  Well I said, "Tom, come with
me and
we will talk the matter over."  Well he said, "I want two
and I will go."  "Allright," said Peter, "If
you told
me that before I would have given it to you without all of this fuss but
you said you wanted five francs and would have it or kill me and you would
have done it if George Salter had not come when he did, or why did you lock
the door and put the key in your pocket."  Tom said, "I
to scare you a little because I knew you would give it to me, but when you
grabbed the poker I knew you would not do it, and then that is when I knocked
you down and got on top of you.  I did not mean to hurt you but I saw when
that little devil came I knew I had to fight.  I thought I could soon do
him up but dam him, I could not strike him.  When I struck at him he was
not there.  I thought I had him once when I knocked him over the table, but
he was on top of me before I knew anything, but then, I will forgive him.
 For his pluck, Peter, you gave him five francs for me and I will not come
over for one month."  That put an end to Tom and Peter quarreling
over six months but after I left it was just as bad.
The next morning Peter came and paid me the twenty pounds, you bet.  I thanked
him very kindly for it.  Tom Curbey and I went over to the Island of Guernsey
on Sunday and I went out to Mr. Martell's and told what I had done.  He said
that was allright and I should let him know and he would come to pick me
up anytime.  He said, how are you going to get away?"  I told him
I had made it up with Tom Curbey that he would bring us over in the night
time, that I was to get the old man drunk and we would be allright for that
night.  The woman was to pack up all she could in the daytime and the balance
while he and I were drinking.  Then

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