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Salter, George H., 1826-ca. 1906 / Papers, ca. 1896-1913, 1965
Call Number, Stevens Point SC 60 ([unpublished])

Two Monuments in County Tell Tale of Revenge Slaying of 18 Indians PDF (4.1 MB)

THESE TWO MONUMENTS, one in Necedah and the other between that village and
New Lisbon on Hwy. 80 have an interesting bit of Juneau county history behind
them.  Be sure to read the article about them by Robert Gehl of the La Crosse
Tribune staff.  (Staff Photos)
Two Monuments In County Tell Tale Of Revenge Slaying Of 18 Indians
(Editor's Note -- The follow-ing story was written by Rob-ert G. Gehl of
the La Crosse Tribune staff, and it appeared in that paper last week.  It
tells the history behind and interest-ing monument in the Necedah cemetery,
and is another exam-ple of Gehl's fine reporting for the Tribune.  He has
also done stories on the history of Maus-ton and New Lisbon, and vari-ous
other items of interest.
By Robert G. Gehl
(La Crosse Tribune Staff Writer)
Old Gus Nooney added color-ful and somewhat bizarre page to local legend
and history.
Gus was a boy of 13 when he played a part in the grim but dramatic "Salter
Affair" which motivated "Daddy" Salter to avenge
the axe-handle
murder of his wife on June 13, 1863 at their cabin home about six miles north
of New Lisbon.
Salter reputedly killed 18 In-dians to wreak revenge for the murder of his
wife Emma by two "drunken Indians."
Salter and his wife ran a high-way inn called "Hells Delight"
no on who entered was al-lowed to leave until he was drunk.
salter had gone to work on his field three miles distant that trag-ic day
after warning his wife not to sell liquor to the Indians.
* * *
One story has it that when she refused them liquor the Indians killed her
and got themselves "gloriously drunk."
A local history records that Gus Nooney entered the drama when, as a 13-year-old
boy, he found Mrs. Salter's body with her baby, Jimmy, lying unharmed at
her side.
One source reports that Gus was there when Salter killed the Indians and
that he held the lantern while Salter cut off their heads and holsted them
atop a bean pole as a warning to other Indians.
On June 13th of every year Gus would rap on the doors the village and say:
"This was
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