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South Milwaukee: comprehensive plan report

Synthesis,   pp. 42-45

Page 45

In the center of the city, lands now zoned for industry between
Madison and Marquette Avenues, west of 10th to the railroad tracks,
should also be rezoned to commercial use and be redeveloped into a
new Central Business District Core. South of Marquette Avenue where
three new super-markets help to form South Milwaukee's newest shop-
ping center, the existing industrial zoning should be changed to com-
mercial and extended southward to at least Montana Avenue to enable
a proper consolidated commercial center to develop and be adequately
Besides the above, and other items covered earlier in this report
under the separate sections, South Milwaukee is in very good condition.
Its general Public Works program is well engineered. The enlarged
Water Works, the plans for improving the Sewage Disposal and Rubbish
disposal, the street paving, curb and gutter work, etc. are all proceed-
ing smoothly and efficiently. In these respects the City is in excellent
condition and with the present administration is in very capable hands.
As the pressure of providing new school facilities which are now almost
complete for the present population, tax monies will become more avail-
able for the achievement of new capital improvements recommended

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