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South Milwaukee: comprehensive plan report

Population,   pp. 8-11

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Of the 20,307 persons in South Milwaukee reported in the 1960
U. S. Census, less than 1 /10 of 1 /%were non-white. Of these 28 per-
sons 14 were male and 14 female, with racial distribution as follows:
Male        Female       Total
Negro              0            1            1
Indian              2           1            3
Japanese            7           7           14
Chinese             2           3            5
Filipino            3           2            5
Other Races         0           0            0
Total              14          14           28
The numerical increase in population from 1950 to 1960 amounted
to 7,452 persons for a percentage increase of 59.0% in these last ten
years. Of the total population, 39.8% were under 18 years of age,
54.4%  were between 18 and 64, while 5.8%  were 65 and older.
Compared with the Milwaukee County average and with other built-up
communities this is a relatively young population. Of all persons 14
years of age and older, 72.8% of the males and 72.1% of the females
were married. Of all persons 18 years of age and older 50.1% are
male as compared with 48.0% for all Milwaukee County. The fertility
ratio was 642. This is an index calculated on the number of children
under 5 years old per 1000 women between the age of 15 to 49 years
old. This figure represents a rough index of the natural growth ten-
dencies of a population which again emphasizes South Milwaukee's
youthful and vigorous position in relation to Milwaukee County. The
fertility ratio for Milwaukee County was only 500 by comparison. The
only higher ratios in Milwaukee County consist of Brown Deer at 781,
Franklin at 710, Oak Creek at 707 and Greendale at 686, which are
all sparsely developed, relatively new areas with the very highest per-
centage of young married people. But none of these have the stability,
maturity and built-up quality that South Milwaukee does. South Mil-
waukee is fortunate in having a mature built-up City with complete
services and at the same time having a youthful population.

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