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South Milwaukee: comprehensive plan report

Introduction,   pp. [unnumbered]-2

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Although this report is the first publication of the work of the City's
Plan Commission to be presented to the public in report form, the City
has actually been actively engaged in comprehensive planning since
1952. Prior to this time the City had little or no adequate professional
guidance to properly assist and help steer the part-time City officials
along the already tried and tested roads toward better Community
development. From a planning and proper land use standpoint South
Milwaukee's earlier days of growth were haphazard and ill-advised.
However, since 1952, when a major change in City Administration was
forced upon the incumbents of that day by the Citizenry, a vigorous
policy of intelligent public administration has made tremendous strides
towards orderly growth through proper planning, scheduling and Capital
Budgeting. Perhaps the greatest impetus assisting this movement toward
orderly planning came as a result of the hiring of a full-time trained
City Planning Engineer shortly after the administrative change in 1952.
Kurt Bauer, a planning engineer just out of school, set forth the pro-
cedures and policies needed to establish new ordinances for the control
and implementation of the Plan Commission's proposed improvements.
By early 1955 a major thoroughfare plan was established, Land use
proposals were clarified, the Zoning ordinance, the Official Map and
Land Subdivision Regulations were all officially set down in ordinances
to regulate in an orderly and stable manner the future development of
the City.
Since that date the Plan Commission has operated smoothly under
the ordinances and procedures established and have consistently worked
toward the objectives established in the early work. Subdivision lay-
outs have been orderly and in accordance with the plan; street widening,
street vacations, alley vacations, sewer and water installations are all
working toward the completion of the established goals in an efficient
and intelligent manner.
Now that the house is in order new thought must be and is being
given to the solving of the ills attendant in all American cities reaching
maturity during their initial 100 years of growth. Increasing traffic, ag-
ing housing, outmoded business and industrial establishments, the de-
cline of the railroad and increasing importance of trucking, all these
and many more are each day creating new problems that need new

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