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Directory of the city and county of Sheboygan

City of Plymouth 1910-1911: Plymouth business directory,   pp. [45]-51 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 50

Prompt Atten~tion Given
Farmers &       Merchants Bank,          To All Busciness En-
SHEBOYGAN, WISCONSIN.              trusted To Us.
Plymouth Post, n. e. cor. Main &
Plymouth Reporter, n. s. Mill, 7
e. Division.
Plymouth Review, n. s. Mill, 5 w.
Bachanz Martin, res. w. s. Staf-
ford, 2 n. Elizabeth.
Fischer Bros. (0. & A. Fischer),
e. s. East Water near limits.
Gessert Jac., e. s. Caroline, 3 n.
Mahlstedt D., n. s. Mill, 2 e.
North, 2nd floor.
Wildman Jos., s. w. cor. Fond du
Lac and Plymouth.
Rochlus Jac., e. s. Milwaukee av.,
1 s. Mill.
Paper Hangers.
Kronfeld Leopold, n. s. Elizabeth,
1 e. R. R. track.
Scheibe Robt., Jr., w. s. Milwau-
kee, 10 s. Mill.
Wade Wm., w. s. Jones, e. Ceme-
Runge Carl, n. s. Mill, 2 w. Stafford
Dingman Buell, n. s. Mill, 3 w.
Volquarts Chas. H., s. s. Mill, 7
e. Stafford, 2nd floor.
Zimmermann Anton, s. s. Mill, 7
e. Stafford.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Bruns E. A., n. e. cor. Mill and
Stafford, res. w. s. Milwaukee
ave., 3 n. Marshner.
Deicher H. F., office, 2nd floor
Gaffron & Leifer Block.
Felter Edw., Exchange B'k Block,
2nd floor.
Nutt Chas. R., 2nd floor Exchange
Bank Block.
Kaysen R. Dr., 2nd floor Laack
- Block.
Pianos and Organs.
(See Furniture Dealers.)
O'Connell James, office Central
Lorge N., e. s. North, 4 n Alfred.
Plumbing, Heating and Electric-
al Supplies.
Sanders & Kurth, s. s. Mill, 6 w.
Eastern ave.
Wolf Henry, e. s. Division, 4 n.
Timm H. J. & Co., n. e. cor. Mill
and Stafford
Real Estate.
Deicher & Arndt, s. s. Mill, 10 e.
Eastman Enos E., s. s. Reed, e.
Geis John, w. s. Middle, 3    n.
Fischer & Rooney, Gaffron & Lei-
fer Block, 2nd floor.
(See Hotels and Saloons.)
Brown Win., s. s. Mill, 2 e. Staf-
Dreifuerst Ferd., s. s. Mill, 2 e. R.
R. bridge.
The Fashion, W. F. Mueller,
prop., n. s. Mill, 4 e. Division.
Rieck Jos., n. e. cor. Elizabeth &
Timm C. F., s. s. Mill, 6 e. Staf-
Lautenbach Chas., s. e. cor. Main
and Smith.
Feldman & Sons, near depot.
Shoo Shining Parlors.
Boutres Peter, n. s. Mill, 8 e. Di-
Shoe Repairers.
Eichenberger A. G. and E., s. s.
Main, 6 e. Division.
J         e    ,, ""e"n'  Hardware  Co.  111, Boat and Steam Supplies. - GalvaniZed Iron,
"IJJ                                    Tin and Copper Work Promptly Executed.-

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