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Directory of the city and county of Sheboygan

Sheboygan County 1908-1909: alphabetical list of villages,   pp. [85]-91 PDF (1.6 MB)

Page 87

Headquarters for           tS Local Agent for the world
MATTRESSES at G    LRLE.ND J.   renowned S. & F. Felt Mattress
McBride Thorn, hotel and saloon.
Meyer John, boots and shoes.
Moll Louis, gen. store.
Ninnemann Carl, wagon maker.
Piper Elmer, barber and car-
Radke Aug., blacksmith.
Radke Herman, saloon.
Reilley James, blacksmith.
Rogers Ardell, physician.
Ruppenthal Ad., hardware and
Schlander J., saw mill.
Schulz John C., blacksmith.
A village in Section  31, Town
Holland, 6 miles s. w. of Ce-
dar Grove (C. & N. W. R'y.)
and 3 miles e. of Random
Lake (C. M. &    St. P. R'y.)
Mail by R. R. No. 16, Random
Ayers J., saloon.
Jungers J., general store and
Riesterer  Joseph,  boots  and
Schmidler Mich. Mrs., hotel and
gen. store.
Schons Peter, blacksmith.
Weller Louis, boots and shoes.
A settlement in Section 2, Town
Herman, 5  miles w. of Cen-
terville and 11 miles n. w. of
Sheboygan. Mail by R. R. No.
1. Cleveland.
Cleveland  Creamery   Company,
Stolzenburg Johanne Mrs., gen-
eral store.
A settlement in Section 4, Town
Sheboygan, 3 miles n. w. of
Sheboygan   on  the  Calumet
Plank road. Mail by R. R. No-
2, Sheboygan.
Boll Ernst, cheese factory.
ERDMANN     IV. A., saloon and
agricultural implements.
Jahn Chas., harnessmaker.
Widder Emil, cheese factory.
Wieland Otto, blacksmith.
A settlement in Sections 16 and
21, Town Lima, 5 miles e. of
Waldo and 3 % miles s. w. of
Sheboygan Falls.
Ehrlich Otto, general store and
cheese mfr.
Erbstoesser  H.,   saloon  and
A village in Sections 19 and 20,
Town Herman, 11 miles n. w.
of Sheboygan and 6 miles e. of
Elkhart Lake.    College; and
Theological Seminary of the
German Reformed church, 1Y2
miles n. of the village. W. F.
Buscher, postmaster; mail also
by R. R. No. 29, Plymouth.
ARPKE F. J. &     SONS, props.
Franklin Roller Mills, saw and
flour mill.
Best John, agr. impl., pumps and
BUSCHER     W. F., postmaster
and gen. store.
Eichenberger   J.,  boots  and
Goetsch A., blksmith and wagon
GREIBE H., general store.
Heyer G. A., boots and shoes.
Imanuel Church (Ger. Ref.), C.
T. Martin, pastor.
Mission   House   College  and
Seminary   of  the  Reformed
Church in the U. S.
Pfeiffer Jos., veterinary surgeon.
Reineking F.. cheese mfr.
Reseburg Louis, creamery and
cheese factory.
SCHEIB ED., saloon.
1119 Michigan Ave. M.  ROOS & SON      UNDERTAKING
PHONE 506-2                           A SPECIALTY

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