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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan

Plymouth directory: alphabetical list of names,   pp. [9]-38 PDF (8.1 MB)

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Yours for                                       Phn' LAUNDRY  Phones 24.
Good Work. V!                  LAUNDRY. 814.816 New York Ave.
PLYMOUTH DIRECTORY                       191
!Hand Peter, retired, e. s. Plymouth. 2 n. Main.                   C
,  Hannernann Augusta Mliss. res. n. s. Thayer. 1 e. Milwaukee.
iHannemann Charles, cabinetmkr., res. n. s. Main. 4 w. North.
! Hannemann Herman. stone cutter, res. n. s. Thayer, 1 e. Milwaukee.
j    Hannemann Laura Miss, clerk, res. n. s. Main, 4 w. North.
o   ! Harder Joachim, retired, res. n. e. cor. Main and Caroline.
"- Harmon Allen, retired. s. s. Eastern, 2 e. SOmth.
Harrington & Co., (Bert Harrington and All). Sanford, general mer-
chandise), s. s. Mill, 3 e. Stafford, tel 25.
I. 'Harrington Bert, (Harrington & Co.). brds. Central House.
':Hartman Frank, hostler, n. w. cor. Mill and Division, res. same.
! Harvey Conrad. lab., s. s. Main, 4 w. Milwaukee.
.,*  Hase Louisa Mrs. (wid. Carl), res. w. s. Smith, 2 n. Main.
iHaut Friedrich, lab., res. w. s. Milwaukee, 3 s. power house.
SHaut Henry, lab., res. n. s. Eastern ave.. 5 e. East Water.
iHeberer John, lab., res. w. s. North. 5 n. Main.
Hecker Carl, marble shop, res. e. s. Smith. 2 s. Forest.
Hecker Carl, (Carl Hecker & SonI. res. e. s. Smith, 3 s. Forest ave.
SHecker Carl & Son, (Carl and William Hecker), granite and marble
works, n. s. Mill, 4 w. Smith.
'Hecker Eddie, marble cutter, res. e. s. Smith, 2 a. Forest.
, Hecker Edw. C., marble cutter. res. e. s. Smith, 3 s. Forest ave.
* Hecker Win., (Carl Hecker & Son), res. n. s. Mill, 5 e. Caroline.
Hal eMaria, housekeeper, res. s. w. cor. ilwaukee and Elizabeth.
[Heiden William, carpenter, res. s. s. Alfred, 2 e. North.
!Hein August, lab., res. w. s. Milvaulee, 4 s. power house.
Hem   Fritz Mrs., res. s. s. Eastern ave.. e. city limits.
I Hein Fred, janitor public school, n. s. Plymouth, I n. Main.
Hein Otto, lab.. brds. w. s. Milwaukee, 4 s. power house.      I
Hein William. lab., res. w. s. Carolina, 4 n. Mill.
Heise Richard, carl)enter. res. n. s. Factory, 3 w. Plymouth.
IHeise Wilhelmine, (wid. M1artin), res. n. s. Factory, 3 w. Plymouth.1
H Helmer Albert, street commissioner, res. n. s. Edna. 2 e. -Milhaukee
Helmer Carrie Miss, teacher, brds. D. s. Mdill, 1 w. Milwaukee.
- Hemer Louis, night police. res. w. s. Carolina, 2 n. Slain.   U
Henningsen Peter, lab., res. e. s. Plymouth. 1 s. Western ave.  I
*Henze Charlotte, (wid. Edward , res. e. s. Milwaukee, 1 s. Forest.
[Henze Edward, farmer. res. n. s.Mi'l. 4 e. North.
Henze Hultia Miss, res. e. s. Alilwau ee. 1 s. Forest ave.
g derberg Henry, i)lac!ksmith, br!s. s. s Mi! t, 5 w bridge.
iHarmon Allen, retired, res. s. s. Eastern ave., 2 e. South.
'Hesse August, mas.on, res. w. s. Smith. 2 n. Main.              t
Hildebrand Jos., carperter contractor, res. e. s. Carolina, 1 s. For-t "v
est ave.                                                       M
Hiller August, harnessmatter. n. s. Mill, S' w. North, res. same.  5
Hiller Charles. lab.. res. s. s. Edt.a, 1 '. . Milwaukee, 2 floor.
Hiller  Clara  -iliss. res. n. s. Mill. 1, w. North.              S
Hiller Ernma Miss, clerk. res. n. s. Mill. \ w. North.
Hiller Ida Miss, teacher, res. n. s. AMill,  w '. North.             >
Hiller Oscar, hranessmaker, res. n. s. Mill. , w. North.              <
Hoehne Christ., ice dealer, res. s. e. cor. Union cemnetery.     M
Headquarters for                  L        nt for te world
MATTRESSES at GRLIL     '-   9 renowned S. & F. Felt Mattress.

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