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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan, 1897-98

Pott's directory of Sheboygan County. Alphabetical list of names of residents,   pp. 105-196

Page 196

         TILNGUITARIS, M620 N. 8th~
    M&c., at             artha W. Whipple's, S.
Wynveen Annie Miss, 27, Holland, Ce
  dar Grove.
  Wynveen B. J., 26, Holland, Cedai
  Grove (4).
  Wynveen Dina Miss, 21, Holland, Ce-
  dar Grove.
  Wynveen Fanny Miss, 21, Holland,
  Cedar Grove.
  Wynveen G. W., 27, Holland, Cedar
  Grove (55).
  Wynveen H.Miss, 21,Holland,C.Grove.
  Wynveen J. B., Jr., 21, Holland, Cedar
  Grove (35).
  Wynveen J. B., Sr., 21, Holland, Cedar
  Grove (40).
  Wynveen J. W., 24, Holland, Cedar
  Grove (80).
  Wynveen J. W., Jr., Holland, Cedar
  Grove (9).
Wynveen Lydia Miss, 21, Holland, Ce-
  dar Grove.
Wynveen Win., 21, Holland, C. Grove.
YORK Miletus, blacksmith, Hing-
Y ham.
AGER A., 40, Greenbush (80r).
Z Zastrow Fred., Hermafi, Ada.
Zastrow Ferd., apiarist, Ada.
Zech Hironimus, 13, Herman, Howard
Zeeveld A. M. Miss, 13, Holland, Cedar
Zeeveld H., 31, Holland, C. Grove (79).
Zeeveld Jac., 13, Holland,Cedar Grove.
Zeeveld Jacob, 17,23,Holland, C.Grove.
Zeeveld Jacob, 32, Holland, Cedar
  Grove (69).
Zeeveld John, 27, Holland, Cedar
  Grove (80).
Zeeveld L., 17, 23, Rlolland,CedarGrove.
Zeeveld L., Jr., 33, Holland, C. Grove.
Zeeveld Peter, 33, Holland, Cedar
  Grove (20r).
Zeeveld R., 24, Holland, Cedar Grove.
Zeidema Garret, 19, Wilson,St. George
Zelm Fred., 31, Lyndon, Cascade (110).
Zelm Fred., 1, Mitchell, Plymouth.
Zelm Herman, 8,Lyndon, Cascade (80)
Zelm W., cheesemkr., 21, Mitchell,Par-
Zemke Win., 4, Greenbush (100).
Zerler Julius F., 3, Mosel, Sheb.(3672).
Ziegler A. Mrs., 9, Plymouth.
Ziegler Joseph, 9, Plymouth (75r).
Ziegler Louis C. (N. Saemann & Co.),
Zill J., 4, Herman, Ada (80).
Zill Louis, lab., Herman, Edwards.
Zimbal Herman, 3, Wilson, Sheboy-
  gan (85).
Zimbal Edward, 33, Sheboygan (105).
Zimmermann Anna Miss, 16, Rhine.
Zimmermann Aug., 16, Wilson, She-
  boygan (85r).
Zimmermann Conrad, 9, Herman, Ada
Zimmermann Fred., 1S, Wilson, She-
  boygan (60).
Zimmermann Fred., 27, Sheboygan,
  Sheb. Falls.
Zimmermann Henry, 16, Rhine.
Zimmermann Henry, 24, Rhine,Frank-
  lin (80).
Zimmermann J. I., 16, Rhine (80).
Zimmermann J. R. S., 12, Rhine (160).
Zimmermann John, 16, Rhine.
Zimmermann John,Jr. ,carp. ,Rhine(y2).
Zimmermann Lena Miss, 16, Rhine.
Zimmermann   Ludwig, 16, Wilson,
  Sheboygan (80).
Zimmermann Win., 16, Rhine.
Zimmermann Win., 14, Mitchell, Cas-
  cade (65).
Zinkgraf Alwin, 16, Plymouth.
Zinkgraf John, 16, Plymouth (79).
Zinkgraf Julius, 3, Plymouth (80r).
Zinkgraf Minna Miss, 16, Plymouth.
Zoeberlein George, Herman, Franklin.
Zoeberlein Win., Herman, Franklin.
Zolltheis Carl, 26, Herman, Howard.
Zschetzsche Herm., 8, Sheboygan(160).
Zschetzsche Otto Mrs., 8, Sheb. (25 .
Zschetzsche Win., 5, Sheboygan, Erd-
  mann (40).
Zuengler Fred., 14,Sherman,Adell(113).
Zuengler Gottfried, 2, Adell.
Zuengler Gottlieb, 14, Sherman, Adell.
Zuengler Win., furniture, Adell.
Zufelt H., 22, Holland, Cedar Grove.
Zuurmond Adr., 29, Wilson, Oostburg
Zuurmond John, 29, Wilson, Ostburg.
Zwick F., 31, Sheboygan, Sheb. Falls
                 BEN ARDBAUAN N, 215 Superior AV.
BERNHARD BAiUMANN,1I Baker. 1120 X. Sh St.

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