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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan

Pott's directory of Sheboygan County. Alphabetical list of names of residents,   pp. 105-196

Page 116

     Pianos       Sold oneasyonthPyayments at NARTHAW.
Conrad Ida Miss, 15, Mosel.
Conrad J., 10, Russel, Elkhart, (80).
Conrad Louis, 8, Mosel.
Conrad Matthias, harnessmkr., Ran-
  dom Lake.
  Conrad Peter, 8, Mosel (100).
  Conrad Ph. Sr., 10, Russell, Elkhart.
  Conrad Phil. Jr., 3, Russell, Elkhart
  Conrad Rud., cheesemkr., 2, Herman,
  Conrad Val. Jr., 2, Russell, Elkhart
Conrad Val. Sr., 9, Russel, Elkhart
Conrad William, 15, Mosel.
Cottrill Mrs. P., 6, Greenbush, St.
  Cloud (20).
Cottrill W. Mrs., 6, Greenbush, St.
Couch B. B., teacher, Glenbeulah.
Couch E. J., 16, Greenbush, St. Cloud
Couch J. G., 33, Greenbush, St. Cloud
Couse C. B., 15, Mitchell, Cascade (40).
Cook W., 23, Lima, Gibbsville.
Coon B. 0., 11, Plymouth (120).
Coon E., retired, Glenbeulah.
Cooney Annie Miss, 28, Mitchell, Par-
Cooney Edw., 14, Mitchell, Cascade.
Cooney Essie Miss, 14, Mitchell, Cas-
Cooney Francis Miss, 14, Mitchell,
Cooney Jas., 14, Mitchell, Cascade( 100).
Cooney Mary Miss, 28, Mitchell, Par-
Cooney Pat., 28, Mitchell, Parnell( 120).
Cooney Thomas, 14, Mitchell, Cas-
  cade (160).
Cooney Thos., 28, Mitchell, Parnell.
Coons Peter, 26, Sheb. Falls (362).
Corbett A. B., 14, Greenbush.
Corbett Cnarles, 3u, vlitcnell, Dundee
Corbett Gertie Miss, 30, Mitchell, Dun-
Corbett John, 30, Mitchell, Dundee.
Corbett L. M., 3, Greenbush (50).
Corbett Lawrence, 30, Mitchell,Dundee.
Cornelis J., 36, Lima, Oostburg.
Daane Jennie, milliner, Oostburg.
Daane L., 24, Lima, Gibbsville (60).
Daane Peter J., Oostburg.
Daane Peter, justice, Oostburg.
Daane P. & Son, flour mill and lumber,
Daane Win., 14, Lima, Gibbsville (80).
Daetz Fred., 21, Plymouth (100).
BERNHARD BAUMANN, Baker.1120 . 8th St."
Cornelius L. E., Greenbush (160).
Cosgrove Ed., postmaster, Greenbush,
Cosgrove Edw., gen. store, Rathbun.
Cosgrove Gus., Greenbush, Rathbun.
Cosgrove John, cheese mfr., Mitchell,
Cosgrove Jos., Greenbush, Rathbun.
Cosgrove Patrick, 32, Greenbush,
  Rathbun (70).
Costello Ed., lab., Glenbeulah.
Costello John, lab., Glenbeulah.
Costello Mich., lab., Glenbeulah.
Craig D., 18, Lima, Waldo (80r).
Crogan Mrs., 12, Mitchell, Cascade( 40).
Crosby C., 32, Sheb. Falls, Plymouth
Crosby Edw., 17, Mitchell, Pius.
Crosby Eva Miss, 32, Sheb. Falls, Ply-
Crosby J. J., 16, Mitchell, Parnell(80).
Crosby John, 16, Mitchell,Parnell( 120).
Crosby Lois A. Miss, 14, Holland,
Crosby Louis, 32, Sheb. Falls, Ply-
Crosby Mich., 17, Mitchell, Pius.
Crosby Pat., 17, Mitchell, Pius (160).
Crossby Emory, teacher, Glenbeulah.
Crossby Wm., gardener, Glenbeulah.
Cullen Edw., Lyndon, Waldo (80).
Currier E. Mrs., 2, Sherman, Adell.
Curtis Climena, 4, Sherman, Adell.
Curtis Dom., 4, Sherman, Adell.
Curtis Geo., 14, Lyndon, Waldo (153).
Curtiss J. E., 33, Plymouth (160).
Curtiss J. D., 11, Lyndon, Waldo.
Curtiss M, Mrs., 4, Sherman, Adell
D AANE J., 27, Lima, Gibbsville
Daane J. Jr., 15. Lima, Gibbsville(75).
Daane Jac. E., 21, Holland, Cedar

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