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Pott's directory of the city and county of Sheboygan

[S],   pp. 224-257

Page 226

Stores for Sale, Trade or Reit. 0.J. 8t       S,
     SCH                 226                 SCH
 Schaefer Kanotus, lab., res. 1024 Michigan ave.
 Schaefer Peter, tailor, res. 1319 S. 7th.
 Schaefer Sophia, dom., 502 Ontario ave.
 Schaetzel Minnie Miss, res. 827 Wisconsin ave.
 Schaetzel Valentin, supt. of poor, res. 827 Wisconsin ave.
   N. tel. 175.
 Schaetzer Alma, clk., res. 2603 N. 15th.
 Schaetzer August, plumber, res. 2603 N. 15th.
 Schaetzer Lena, dom., 1422 S. 11th.
 Schaetzer Louise (wid. August), res. 1421 Bluff ave.
 SCHAETZER WM., (Nehrlich & Co.), sewer cont., res.
   2603 N. 15th
 Schaeve Adolph, clk. Win. 0. St. Sure, res. 911 Michigan
 SCHAF     JOHN, saloon, 1301       Michigan    ave.,
   res. same. N. tel. 173.
 Schaf Louis, lab., res. 1216 N. 10th.
 Schaf Maria (wid. John), res. 1216 N. 10th.
 Schaller Edward, tanner, res. 420 New York ave.
 Schallock August, lab., res. Adam st., 1 w. Garfield ave.
 Schamberger Paul, lab., res. 1036 Ontario ave.
 Schanglies August F., tanner, res. 1435 S. 10th., rear.
 Schanglies Julius, lab., res. 927 Illinois ave.
 Schantzer J. P., lab., res. 1634 N. 8th, 2nd floor.
 SCHAPER CHARLES, physician and surgeon, res. 904
 Michigan ave., 2nd floor, res. 1304 N. 8th. N. tel. 297,
 W. tel. 192.
 Scharles Henry, lab., res. 1517 Huron ave.
 Schaub John, lab., res. 2008 N. 11th.
 Schaumberg Samuel, res. 1611 St. Clair ave.
 SCHECK    AUGUST, chief of police, res. 1032 Wisconsin
 ave. N. tel. 201.
 Scheck Jacob, plumber, res. 1032 Wisconsin ave.
 Scheck Wallace, apprentice John G. Mayer, res. 1032 Wis-
 consin ave.
 Schedler Herman, tanner, res. 918 New York ave.
 Schedler Selma (wid. Moritz), res. 1228 Erie ave.
 Scheele Anna M. Miss, clk. H. Scheele, Sr., res. 1104 N. 9th.
 Scheele Henry, carp., res. 2224 N. 8th.
 SCHEELE HENRY, JR., marble works and stone cont.,
 712 N. 8th, res. 1104 N. 9th.
at the lowest priees. Mattresses made to order at

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