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Rock County schools

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"I shall always remember my first glimpse
of the inside of Newark Center School. The ceil-
ing was hanging in strips. Dust covered every-
thing. Squirrels had nests in the rafters and
chimney. Instead of supplies in the cupboards,
we found mice nests. A few dusty old library
books stood on some shelves. A far cry from the
shining refinished room we met in that first
fall day. Of course we were greeted by Professor
Screech owl the first day."
Alice Mackie
"Imagine our surprise early one morning at
the Drew School when the door quietly opened.
There stood two army officers in full uniform.
They had been traveling by on Highway 13 and
noted our flag flying upside down. Their first
query was to ask us if they could be of any
assistance to us. This question amazed us, as
we knew of no need for help. They promptly
told us that our flag was flying upside down-
a distress signal-and they had come to our
aid. Of course, the flag had been hoisted im-
properly by pupils who were in charge that
morning. The officers very courteously raised
the flag properly. You can be sure that ever
after the flag was properly raised!"
Marian Nyman Klusmeyer
"At the time we were planning for our rural
schools to join our district, we thought it would
be nice to invite the rural schools to Clinton for
a "get-acquainted day." I had never seen so many
youngsters interested in our old building, es-
pecially the stairs leading to the second floor.
They climbed the stairs to the second floor and
went all the way down to the basement, where
our bathrooms were, by means of the railing, if
they were not being watched, then back to the
top floor to try it again. By mid-afternoon there
were many tired little feet and legs. I am sure
many of them were disappointed not to see the
long stairway when they entered our new build-
ing that fall."
Gertrude Redenius
"In 1953, a large portion of Gesley School Dis-
trict was annexed to an adjoining school. This
left Gesley district much decreased in size. It
also resulted in an enrollment as low as eight
pupils and seldom more than twelve.
One special thing about this district was their
Community Club, which met once a month. Prac-
tically all parents and children attended and
enjoyed the planned programs. I'm sure many
Gesley residents have pleasant memories of
these 'big family' club meetings."
Elinor McGinley

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