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Rock County schools

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"The Spring Valley Center' School was only a
building, but the parents of that community
and the boys and girls had a sincere love for all
people, regardless of their race, color, creed, or
social standing. If the people of the Selma, Ala-
bamas all over the world could only open their
hearts and minds toward "Brotherhood" as the
people of Spring Valley Center did, what a 'won-
derful world' we could have.
The negro family and the other ethnic groups
of this community were as one; they thought,
they worked, and they loved as one people-why
can't the world emulate their behavior?"
Stanley S. Angell
"A never-to-be-forgotten day at the Spring
Valley Corners School was the day we heard over
the radio that our pupils had won a Zenith radio
in an educational contest sponsored by WLS
Four social studies programs weekly, for a
period of twelve weeks, gave us the background
for our project. Our purpose was to show how
the knowledge we had gained carried over into
every branch of school work. This was developed
by means of a large scrapbook illustrating each
A day after the radio announcement, a letter
from Station WLS confirmed the happy news,
and two days later, a table Zenith radio was
delivered, and we knew it was really true."
Arice B. Leng
"Christmas was an exciting and busy time at
Zilley School, Eighteen eager children and my-
self preparing a Christmas program that would
make them feel important and the neighborhood
proud. I was always amazed at the gross amount
of talent and poise that could be found among
eighteen supposedly ordinary children."
Margaret Splinter
"I'll never forget the year 1959 when I was
teaching at the Brown School and we saw a
barn, east of our school, burn. About eleven o'-
clock that day I happened to look out the window
and notice smoke coming from under the eves of
the barn. We knew the family was aware of the
fire as we saw them run to the house. The chil-
dren and I stood at the windows watching and
in seconds the whole barn was in flames. As the
wind was in the east the flames were blown
toward the school house. Parts of the burning
barn were blown into the fields and were start-
ing grass fires. It was getting very hot by the
windows in the school building so I decided the
children and I had better leave. I loaded all ten
of them in my car and drove far enough away
where I knew we would be safe. The children
brought their lunches with them, but none of
them felt like eating.
The barn burned to the ground but our school
did not catch fire. We returned to school but did
not accomplish much as the excitement of the
fire was still with us."
Claramae Moldenhauer

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