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Rock County schools

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"One day at Tullar School, as we were getting
ready for dismissal, the flag chairman went out
to get the flag. The wind was blowing very
hard and took the rope and flag out of his hand.
We were quite disturbed as to what to do, when
one of the parents came after his child and was
able to get the flag with a long stick, for which
we were very much relieved and thankful."
Hazel Murphy
"Hobbies, pets and learning-school is a place
for all. One of the pets of the children of the
Franklin School, was a little turtle. Nameless,
this little fellow lived in his glass bowl day after
day. The highlight of his day would come during
the noon hour after lunch. The children would
take the turtle out on the gravel drive, put him
down and head him away from the schoolhouse.
But no, he would turn around and head straight
back for school. Why? Could it have been the
new encyclopedias just purchased, brimming with
knowledge, or the new pressure system recently
Clara Reese
"The present building was completed in 1872
at a cost of $1,494.00, with the bricks being
hauled by wagon from Rockford, Illinois. The
first teacher's salary was $18.00 per month in
summer and $30.00 per month in winter. The
enrollment in 1872 was 38. The school operated
continuously until 1962 and ended with an en-
rollment of 26."
Doris Roberts
"Practical arithmetic was learned doubling and
tripling recipes for Spanish rice, goulash. Irish
stew, etc. for the twenty-six students at Union
School on Wednesdays for that was the day we
'cooked out.' No one ever went home for luncn on
those days because food cooked over the open
fire was just out of this world. Each student
had a hand in laying the rocks for the fireplace,
too. One of the boys' grandfathers came to en-
gineer the project and when it was finished it
was used and enjoyed by all."
Ruth Templeton

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