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Rock County schools

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"I shall never forget the day we were playing
kickball at the Willowdale School. I had warned
the children that if the ball ever went over the
fence into the road, I would get it. Under no
circumstances were they ever to go into the
road. Well, the inevitable happened! As the ball
rolled into the road, a car was close at hand. I
waited at the edge for the car to pass, while the
children waited at the gate. We held our breath
for fear the wheels would run over it, but to
our surprise the car slowed up, the door opened,
a hand reached out, scooped up the ball and in-
stead of tossing it to our outstretched hands,
tossed it into the back seat of the car and drove
off. I shall never forget the look on the children's
faces. Of course, I couldn't see my own, but I
know that for the moment I think I lost my
faith in humanity."
Mabel Klusmeyer
"I'll always remember an experience I had
during one of my first years at Beck School.
I was playing ball with the children and an
eighth grade boy, who was the pitcher, seemed
to pitch the ball so fast that no one wanted
to be the catcher. I volunteered to be the catcher
and things went fine for a while. All of a sudden,
a swift ball was thrown that I didn't stop. In-
stead, it went through my hands, striking me in
the face and I fell to the ground. The frightened
children came running and sobbing. One child re-
marked to the pitcher, 'Oh, you killed the teach,
Later I developed a severe headache and was
told by the doctor that it was a result of being
hit by the ball. He told me to remain in bed.
Now this was a busy time for the eighth grade
students, because the following day was the date
of final exams to be written at the Orfordville
School. I told my four students that I wouldn't
be able to be there, but if they had a question
to ask someone in charge.
Late in the afternoon on th next day, I was
surprised to see these four rather unhappy-
looking eighth grade students at my house. They
had walked to my home to inform me that they
knew they had all failed their exams because
I was not there."
Gladys Drevdahl
"Three of my happiest years in teaching were
spent at Randall School. One thing in particular
stands out among the memories of thos? years.
At the end of the school year, the students al-
ways looked forward to Play Day. Neighboring
schools took part in a day of contests in various
athletic activities. No matter how other schools
tried, they could never win over us in volleyball.
The last year I taught at Randall, there were
only ten students. But believe it or not, when
Play Day ended we had our first place in volley-
ball! The students had set fine examples of
teamwork and sportsmanship again."
Mrs. Vera DeVoe

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