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Rock County schools

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"The best laid plans of mice and men oft gang
Weeks of hard work had gone into what was
to be a really super Christmas program. You
know how eagerly pupils and parents looked for-
ward to that big night! But 'Old Man Winter'
was not in the least cooperative! The pageant
was 'The Prophecy Fulfilled' but Joseph and
some of the angels were unable to get through
to the school on account of a real grand-daddy
snow storm. In true trooper fashion, the show
went on! Many real-life lessons were learned.
Let us end on a happy note! A repeat per-
formance was given on January 19 and it really
WAS super!"
Dorothy Pope
"Winning the State Safety Contest was one
of the Cox School's most exciting events. Imagine
photographers, news reporters, distinguished
guests and school board members all arriving
at the same time to participate in the presenta-
tion of the awards.
It turned out to be a profitable day, for $25.00
and $50.00 bonds were given to student winners,
the board and to the teacher."
Ethel Becker
"The wiener roasts at Oakdale School will al-
ways be in the memory of the children. Each
spring the school lawn was raked. Everyone
volunteered to bring rakes and a few brought
baskets. While raking they hunted for ants, var-
ious kinds of plants, stones, and leaves. One
year, the children were surprised when they
found a big patch of morels on the north end of
the lawn, and also when they discovered the
tulips peeking through the ground. When the
-aking was finished, everyone enjoyed a wiener
and marshmallow roast. The day ended with
sticky hands, full stomachs, but very happy
Catherine Godfrey
"We had always assumed that the school got
its name from the fact that they always used
to call diplomas 'sheepskins.' However, a pioneer
in the neighborhood told us the name was de-
rived from the custom of hanging sheep pelts
on the fences by the school to dry or 'cure.' "
Josephine Darling
"Blackhawk, a much loved 'Little Red School-
house,' had its fate decided by the growth of the
area in which it was located. This was a one-
room school with the ball diamond in the pasture
near by. Then it becamq a three-room school
because there wasn't any more pasture, but soon
whole strips of those houses were taken into
the city. The suction toward the city stopped
for a time at the new overpass for 1-90, but then
in the spring of 1962, the Blackhawk School
joined the draft and slipped under the overpass
to become a part of the city school system."
Mrs. Gladys Lee

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