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Rock County schools

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"What, Militarism in the Adams School? Well,
yes, we had it one day. The children had begged
to go for "just a plain hike for the fun of hik-
ing," and finally, against my better judgment, I
consented. In a flash, the three oldest boys lined
us all up in two columns, and up the road we
went to the clipped commands of: "Company-
March! Hup - 2 - 3 - 4! Company-Halt! Break
ranks! Re-lax! Company-Fall In! Form ranks!
Forward!" Not one child argued or got out of
line during the entire hike. What a sight we
must have made for the neighbors. And as for
me, I felt more like a Buck Private than a teach-
er; the boys had so competently and completely
taken over control and discipline."
Perle Skinner
"Avon Center School has really been a com-
munity center. Here meetings for Play Days,
4-H, Health and Spelling Bees were held. Their
still-active Community Club began as a surprise
party on the teacher. This good-neighbor spirit
was evident among the children, whether they
were having a game of softball or square danc-
ing. All played and danced!"
Fern Hawkins
"I thinx some of our happiest hours at Howard
School were spent in studying nature. All around
us was the laboratory of the great outdoors.
I know I shall never forget the look of wonder
in the eyes of the children as we watched, for
the first time, the steps in the life cycle of the
Monarch butterfly. First came the seemingly
agonizing struggle as the caterpillar changed
from a larva into a green and gold chrysalis.
Then ten days later, when we watched the but-
terfly emerge from its case, we experinced once
again one of the miracles of nature. After the
wings were dry and strong, we stood in the
autumn sunshine and waved farewell to our
"insect child" as it winged its way southward
for the winter."
Marjorie Blackford
"Crist School was the first modern building
in the rural area with running water and an oil
furnace. This made us very proud of our school.
When the indoor toilets were put in, a dry well
had to be dug. Through some miscalculation, the
dry well was dug above the well area on a higher
slant.-result, one pupil after another became
ill, including the teacher, with yellow jaundice.
The school board gave us a three-week vacation
to enable workers to clear up the trouble by
drilling a well in back of the school. Today Crist
School is the new club house of the Beloit Veter-
ans of Foreign Wars."
Bertha Stupfell
"The school day was peaceful and quiet in-
side, while outside the wind was blowing fiercely.
As time passed, the wind increased its strength.
Being inside, the children and I were aware that
the wind was becoming more severe. During the
last class, we were startled by a loud thump.
Going out to see what had occurred, I discovered
that the wind had blown the garage roof com-
pletely off and it had landed just inches from
my car. It was lying there in one piece, as if
someone had set it there. The children and I
especially will never forget our exciting ad-
venture, which caused us to have a roofless
Bonnie Wolter

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