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Rietbrock centennial

History of the town of Rietbrock,   pp. 8-9

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History of The Town of Rietbrock
The town of Rietbrock is situated in the north-
western part of Marathon County. Highway 29
borders it to the south, County Trunk H. to the east,
Highway 97 on the west, and east Townline Road
separates it from the town of Halsey to the north.
According to the soil conservation department of the
county. Rietbrock contains a variety of soils but most
of the land is well suited for agriculture. The terrain of
the land is hilly and its chief body of water is Black
Creek, which empties into Rib River. In seeking in-
formation, it was noted that the granite beds in the
Mosinee area lay at one time in the region, but the
glaciers swept the huge deposits of granite southward.
The glaciers are also responsible for leaving an un-
believable amount of soil, including white quartz, on
top of a mountain range in this area and, besides this,
tests showed a gravel pit in the area to be a mile deep,
all evidence of the glacier period.
In the 1870's, the country was undergoing serious
problems so a law firm in Milwaukee, including Fred
Rietbrock, Pierson L. Halsey and Judge Johnson de-
cided to buy up land owned by the Western Valley
Central Railroad Company to use for possible settle-
ment, to provide income for the unemployed and also
to thin out the congested urban areas.
The settlement of the towns of Rietbrock and Halsey
began in 1878. Founder Fred Rietbrock, of the
Muwaukee law firm of Jonnson, Rietbrock and
Halsey, colonized these towns and named a town
after each of them. Up until 1879, this area was a
part of Stettin. The Town of Stettin consisted of
Township 29, Range 2 (Holton), 3 (Johnson), 4
(Rietbrock), 5 (Rib Falls), and 6 (Stettin). Holton
separated itself from Stettin September 12, 1875, Rib
Falls followed in 1877, Rietbrock on November 12,
1879, andJohnson on November 15, 1883.
Records from the Clerk's book of 1880
show the following:
"At a meeting of the Town Boards of Rib Falls
and Rietbrock concerning the settlement between said
towns, it could not be exactly ascertained which
have been all the assets of said town of Rib Falls
and therefore it was concluded by the two said Town
Boards of Rib Falls and Rietbrock that the town
treasurer of the Town of Rib Falls shall pay over to
the Town of Rietbrock one-third of all the pro-
perty credit, effects and assets now on hand or that
shall be hereafter levied and collected upon the joint
territory of said towns of Rib Falls and Rietbrock,
according to the following order of the County
Board of the County of Marathon, to wit:
The County Board of Supervisors of
Marathon County do ordain as follows:
That the Town of Rib Falls consisting of Township
Twenty-nine (29) - Range four (4) and five (5)
East - be and the same is hereby divided and all
the territory embraced in Township Twenty-nine (29)
North of Range four (4) East is hereby detached
from the Town of Rib Falls and is hereby erected and
created into a new town. Said Town shall be known
under the name of RIETBROCK.
The first annual Town meeting in said new Town
shall be held in the building known as the "COURT
HOUSE", situated upon the North East-of the North
West Quarter of the South East Quarter of Section
Number fourteen (14) in Township Number Twenty-
Nine (29) North of Range Number four (4) East".
The existing indebtedness of the present Town of
Rib Falls shall be and the same is hereby divided pro
rata according to the last assessment roll of the pre-
sent Town of Rib Falls and all the property, credit,
effects and assets now on hand and to be hereafter
levied and collected upon the joint territory of said
Town are hereby and shall be divided between said
old Town of Rib Falls and the new Town hereby
erected, pro rata, according to said assessment roll and
the ordinary expenses only for maintaining the Town
Government shall be borne out of the Common Fund
now on hand and hereafter collected.
On motion the meeting adjourned sine die.
Dated at Rib Falls July 19th A.D. 1880.
Supervisors of the      Supervisors of the
Town of Rib Falls       Town of Rietbrock
C. Hanke                Peter Teusz
A. Heise                Jacob Myszka
Wm. Harder              Anton Jozwiak
In search of rich farmland, the first settlers being of
Polish nationality bought land from Rietbrock on
favorable terms becoming lumberjacks, worked in the
sawmill of Rietbrock, cleared the land of rocks and
started what has become a century of family farming.
With the Johnson, Rietbrock and Halsey law firm ad-
vertising in Polish language newspapers other settlers
from Pennsylvania and Poland soon arrived.
RETl ROCK & HALSEY, W clclkk
L. God-- POI1.1 0h0. 1  Neighborhood -- 0000 Ro0d_
RA  RNOX  &  HALSEY, o..
O1,.t oy .. CA. 1-.  r. f he Oentennial Bok
Among the early settlers were Peter Teusz; Ludwig
Findorf; L. Schwager; M. Milkowski; Bloczynski;
Lukowicz; Hart; Retka; Myszka; Schwittlick; Nowicki;
Kreft; Klawinski and others. Peter Teusz was the first
chairman of the new town, and Ludwig Findorf and
L. Schwager, who kept tavern and was the first
postmaster, the name of the post office being
_ __8

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