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Wisconsin. State Conservation Committee (1915-27) / Biennial report of the State Conservation Commission of Wisconsin for the years 1915 and 1916

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Page 101

and Ephraim, both villages adjoining the park. Camp sites may be had
by applying to the superintendent, and several unfurnished houses may
be leased for the season.
  Two lookout towers to aid in detecting forest fires have been erected on
Sven's Bluff and Eagle Bluff, which are connected by telephone with the
superintendent's residence and the local exchange. As these towers are
built with railed stairways and landings, they may be climbed safely by
anyone, and visitors to the park find the views well worth the climb. From
both towers, buildings in Marinette, eighteen miles across the bay, may
be seen on clear mornings with the naked eye.
  Maps of the park showing all wooded areas, fields, roads, buildings,
trails and lookout towers, are now being prepared and will be available at
all of the hotels in the region.
                           BRULE PARK.
  A part of the Nebagamon Lumber Company grant of 4,321 acres of
land along the Brule river, a famous trout stream, in Douglas county,
has been set aside as a state park and is being managed as such. It is
located between the Northern Pacific and the Duluth, South Shore and
Atlantic railroads and is within easy walking distance from the Brule and
Winneboujou stations. Twenty-seven lots have been laid out along either
side of the river in Section 23. These cottage sites will be leased either
for portable or permanent buildings for periods of from one to twenty
years, as desired. Approximately three-quarters of a mile of new road
was opened up adjacent to the lots on the east side of the river, which
connects on the west end with the proposed road through the recently
platted Heimbaugh and Spring addition. When this road is completed,
it will, in all probability, be the main road between Brule and Winneboujou.
Because there is but little timber growth on the lands, the greater part
the river lots, as well as some fifty acres of hill land on the west side
of the
river, was planted to coniferous forest trees to the amount of 72,000. The
needed protection from fire has been given the plantations by opening
the old logging railroad grades, which makes all parts of the planted
areas accessible.
                   CUSHING MEMORIAL PARK.
  The Cushing Memorial Park is located about a half mile west of Dela-
field, Waukesha county, on the site of the old Cushing homestead. It
comprises about eight acres, one-fourth of which is low and marshy,
along the Bark river, the remaining portion rising slowly in a dry even
slope. At the crest of this slope is located the shaft erected in memory
of the "Three Wisconsin Cushings," while on the site of the old
farm home,
no traces of which remain, but in which two of the boys were born, a large
stone marker has been placed.

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