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Wisconsin. State Conservation Committee (1915-27) / Biennial report of the State Conservation Commission of Wisconsin for the years 1915 and 1916

Kalmbach, Albert
Paper read at meeting held with commercial fishermen at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, February 16, 1916,   pp. 38-42 PDF (1.0 MB)

Page 38

                CONSIN, FEBRUARY 16, 1916.
                        By ALBERT KALMBACH.
   I am glad another opportunity is given us to meet at this time and dis-
 cuss our common interests. In a spirit of good will to all, I have a message
 for you. It lies close to my heart and in choosing my thoughts I assure
 you I have only the future welfare of you fishermen in mind.
   You all know I have about lived my alloted time in this career. My
 life is nearly spent. I have spent it among the fishermen. Personally
 I cannot live long enough to get much benefit out of conservation of fish,
 but sincerely, boys, I want you to think, and think hard and fast, I want
 to give you the benefit of my many years' experience in producing and
 marketing fish and studious observation of fish culture, and if by my
 humble efforts I can help make your future conditions better, then I can
 feel I am doing something in turn for good that has come to me in the busi-
   We are face to face with conditions that cannot continue as they are.
Let us take our lessons from the experience of the past, and correct the
future, making it much better for ourselves and our children.
  This county is most favorably situated for fishermen, except possibly
the marketing or selling of fish.
  Our waters offer a considerable variety of edible fish. It has wonderful
feeding and spawning grounds for all of them. The waters of Green Bay in
particular offer one of the grandest opportunities for fish culture that
sun shines on. I believe and know that to be so.
  If we could picture the real truth of our advantage until all the fisher-
men would have a state of mind that would make of each a volunteer
defender of our future business; if they would look on our waters as the
source of their future living, and they would honestly and earnestly work
to guard that treasure as they would their bank account, they would earn
very much more money, do it easier, feel better, take a livelier interest
in public matters and become a most honored citizen, one in whom the
whole community would take pride.
  In arranging these meetings, we feel it is for the future good of our busi-
ness that we promote a better understanding of each other and through
such understanding become interested in the things that go to make our
profession in life one of common sympathies.
  We are composed of pound net, gill net and hook fishermen. But let us
forget we are pound net men, or gill net men or hook men. Let us think

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