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Wisconsin. State Conservation Committee (1915-27) / Biennial report of the State Conservation Commission of Wisconsin for the years 1915 and 1916

Commissioners' report and recommendations,   pp. [7]-14 PDF (1.8 MB)

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     At Marinette on February ............ 18, 1916, 50 fishermen present.
     At Milwaukee on February .......... 23, 1916, 83 fishermen present.
   These meetings were held for the purpose of gaining some knowledge
 directly from the licensed fishermen, on which to base our recommenda-
 tions as to laws covering the commercial fishing industry on Lake Michigan
 and Green Bay. Five hundred and ten typical fishermen-men who have
 followed fishing in outlying waters for years-were present. If space
 would permit, we would like to print the minutes of the six meetings men-
 tioned above, so that the reader might appreciate the varied and diversified
 ideas and opinions held by the fishermen. Not only do the fishermen
 of Sheboygan disagree with the fishermen of the other five ports (the same
 being true at all the meetings), but, also, the fishermen working out of
 same port disagree among themselves. Hook fishermen say the pound-
 net and gill-net men are wrong, and vice versa. At the Sheboygan meet-
 ing arguments were made in favor of 234, 28, 2 , 234, 4, 4Y2 and 5 inch
 mesh for catching trout. The gist of the situation is that we, after a
 careful consideration of all the information secured, must present such
 revision of the fish and game laws as we deem best and proper.
   We take pleasure in commenting on the interest and vigor shown by
the employees in the several divisions of this commission. It is refreshing
to find an existing condition in that all our employees feel that they are
all members of one big family, that their interests are all in common, and
that they are working for a common cause-for the good of the depart-
  We wish to express the appreciation of this commission for the help and
cooperation by the railroad companies in the distribution of fish planted
in public waters. This assistance is invaluable in the final.operations of
our hatcheries. The rapid and expeditious transportation of the fish cans,
the willing attitude of the railroads and their employees to assist whenever
possible, are of great help in making our work a huge success.
  We are also indebted to the Biology Department of the University of
Wisconsin for assistance in problems that are of a more scientific nature.
The University has always responded in a spirit most willing to assist us
whenever possible.
  The commissioners express to Mr. Arthur F. Belitz, assistant revisor
of statutes, their thanks for the aid given in the revision and codification
of the state fish and game laws.
                        JUNE 30, 1919.
Requested Appropriation: (Annual)
    For General Operation .................................... $.200,000.00
    For Repairs and Maintenance .................................... 13,000.00
    For Property and Improvements .......................... : 13,000.00
        Total........................              $226,000.00

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