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Hatch, K. L. [1871-]; Kirkpatrick, E. L.; Trenk, F. B. / A proposed program for resettling isolated settlers now located in restriced [restricted] use districts in zoned counties in Wisconsin

VI. Relationship of rural resettlement division to other governmental agencies,   pp. 7-10 PDF (1011.4 KB)

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          Ono of the most imnortnnt services 7hich the barol Resettlement
 Division cnn render to relocnteM settlers is in rnrking out a comnlete
 fintnncinkl And m~nvRgiment nro.^rmrn for the re-on.t,:ment of the ner nronerty.
 All cfforts of the 2ural 2esettlorent Divisinn -ill. be directed tnrwrrl
 the relocnter settler nn indenendent self-relinnt citizen Rs Rs
 nossible.  To this end it is nroDnosed to give finqncinl nent nevisory assist-
 nnce to the settler in '.eveloning his nronerty to %. ooint he rill.
 cnno eligible to secure A Fe7.ero.l Lnnrl Brink loan.  The Rurpl fesettlement
 Division 7ill Pecent the settler's equity in his oriqinq.l nrvonert-r "a
 nny~ment on the ner nronerty.  Tho bnlnce due, reoresenting the nnnunt 7hich
 the Rurpl Resettlement Di-vision hps exnende1  for lnhnrl, materinls nurchnser
 Ana. services nrovicred, other th',q thrt -)rovi~cd bv lbor securer through
 7.P.A., viill constitute 1 first -rtrrnoc on the nronertr,.
        In no cse sh.ell the obli,"tion nf the settler for the new oronerty
be more th.n the  n-)raised vralue of the deval-ned Tronerty as renresented
n. cnmolete nnnrnisql b.iy the Feflerol Lq..n 3nn-, nor less than the nmeunt
cnTital exnenditures.
        Mnny isolnted settlers hnve nit enogwh m-chincryr or livestock to
hnn'le the new farm unit.  An incre-~se in cron Innd lenves him vith inp'equate
equinment .^nd livestock to utilize his increriseri  cren-e.  The
service rendered to these relocoted settlers vrill include not nnlyr finnoncing
the ner 'rroTrty (lrnd. nnd buildings) but nlso, rhare necesspr',, livestock,
mpc'-iinern send seed lo-ns n.s -"oll nos lonns for maintenrince during
the first
'reqr on the nvr nronertsr, Ps indicnted on n, bnlencerl fnr m-nnngemont.
        ;Re-nePoent n1Pns, covering dll m-nesv -1vinced byr the 7isconsin
RurRl Resettloment Divisinn, rill be "orrked out for each indivifutnl
on n bpsis of the nbilit- of the settler AM. his fPmilr to revpy their new

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