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Hatch, K. L. [1871-]; Kirkpatrick, E. L.; Trenk, F. B. / A proposed program for resettling isolated settlers now located in restriced [restricted] use districts in zoned counties in Wisconsin

IV. Procedure in developing resettlement lands,   pp. 4-5 PDF (530.8 KB)

V. Resettlement of selected clients,   pp. 5-7 PDF (829.8 KB)

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                                   - 5 -
  ettlement Committee and the Field Supervisor in order to make a more
  table exchange of properties:
  (a) Clearing and Development
       In general, it is proposed to clear (brush, stump, break and fence
  dy for crops) 15 acres on each 80 acre tract and to brush an additional
  acres for stump pasture. The balance is to be left as a wood lot to
  vide fuel and occasional building materials and for future clearing by
  relocated settler.  The present plowing and breaking equipment owned by
  e Rural Resettlement Division will be used in the development of new farm
  its in the same manner and be charged at the same rates in the development
  existing farms.
  (b) Buildings
       The buildings erected, or repaired if any are now on the property,
 e tn be limited to a house, a barn, a chicken house, a root cellar, and
 tdoor toilet. It is planned to have all houses equipped with a cellar for
 he storage of fruits and vegetables under a part of the house. Small build-
 ngs vacated under this plan will be taken down and all usable material
 alvaged for future construction work on new properties, except where health
 equirements demand that the structure be burned to the ground.
   Cc) Well
        No definite specifications can be given for the water supply. The
 ost of putting down a well will depend on how deep it is necessary to go
water, the diameter of the well and whether it is dug, driven, or drilled,
Costs will vary from $1.50 to $2.75 per foot of depth, complete with pipe,
well casing, pump and concrete slab for platform.
1. General
        Non-conforming users desiring resettlement will have their properties
appraised, optioned and purchased by the Land Utilization Division of the
- -     .~~~~~,L.k..-

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