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Hatch, K. L. [1871-]; Kirkpatrick, E. L.; Trenk, F. B. / A proposed program for resettling isolated settlers now located in restriced [restricted] use districts in zoned counties in Wisconsin

III. Acquisition of resettlement properties,   pp. 2-4 PDF (825.5 KB)

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                                      - 3..
  ated Zoning Ordinances.
    Stecifications of Land to be Purchased.
        The tracts planned for acquisition under this program would be
   chased from funds of the Wisconsin iural Resettlement Division, would
 ocated in unrestricted districts in Zoned Counties and would meet the following
        (a) Soil to be of good agricultural quality, topographyr level or
             gently rolling and with few large field boulders per acre.
        (b) Not more than half a mile from an existing road.
        (c)  Within two and one-half miles of an operating school.
        (d)  In an established agricultural community and close to a
             market town.
        (e) In all cases lands to be Purchased for new farm units will
             be within the Count- in which the isolated families now
             reside and wherever Practical rithin the boundary of the
             same civil town.  Such a volicy will avoid undue migration
             of settlers and their families from one county to another
             and will therefore cause little change in community relation-
             ships. The goal to be sought is to further develoo established
             communities rather than to build new communities.
        Lands would be p)urchased from private individuals, institutions
cornorntion, the Federal Land Bank and the Counties.  In many cases it may
possible to purchase well located partly developed farms which with little
expense can be made available for immediate occupanc" and use. All such
opportunities will be utilized in the administrntion of this program. Since
Northern Wisconsin towns and counties have much to gain in governmental
economies as a result of this resettlement programn, counties will be urged
whenever suitable county-owned land is found, to sell or trade any such land
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