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Standard atlas of Marinette County, Wisconsin, including a plat book of the villages, cities and townships of the county, map of the state, United States and world, patrons directory, reference business directory and departments devoted to general information, analysis of the system of U.S. land surveys, digest of the system of civil government, etc., etc.

Chronological arrangement of ancient, medieval and modern history

FIA, ON OLOROIAL.1N A                                                   
Copyright, 1896, by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. 
The chief aim of this Chronological History is to give in a comprehensive
and attractive form the principal events of the history of the world free
from unnecessary etals.  For convenience this history is arranged under-I.
Ancient History, II. Medieval History, Ill. Modern History. The latter is
given-First. From the beginning of the Sixteenth Century to American Revolution.
  Second.  From the birth of the United States to the present time by countries.
Ancient History 
B. C. 
4001'Biblical account of the creation. 3bW  bargo I. King of Babylon. 32r)
'Tne first Egyptian dynasty under Menes. 1_t) Snetru, 3d  gyptian dynasty.
Egyptian inscriptions begin. 
Phenicia said to hae been feopled by 
the .!sons of Anak." 2750 Tye and 8.don founded. 2700 The 4th Egyptian
dynasty begins. 
The Pyramid Tombs erected. 
2539 Meria Pepi I., Sixth Egyptian dynasty. 2458 Chaldea said to have been
conquered by ledes or Armehians. 2448 The deluge. 2300 The Elamitic Conquest.
The Hittites in Cappadocia. 
Rise of Assyria. 
2280 Thebes, Egypt, founded. 2234 Alleged beginning of Chaldean astronomical
observations sent b Callisthenes to Aristotle; the earliest extant is of
720 B. C. 
2200 The Hia dynasty In China founded. 
Cuneiform writing probably in use. 2180 Nineveh built. 2160 First Persian
dynasty founded. 2130 Amen-em-hat I. founds 12th Egyptian dynasty. 
lw  Pyramids built north of Mefp l9 2100 The Obelisk of On erected. 2093
Reign of Urich of Chaldea. 2042 Uranus arrives in Greece. 2008 Sicyon, Greece
founded. 1996 Birth of Abraham. 1921 Call of Abraham. 1920 Abraham arrives
In Syria. 1896 Isaac born. 
1882 Death of Abraham. 1856 Kingdom of Argus founded. 1850 Reign of Ismi-dagon.
who conquers Assyria. 
S837 Birth of Jacob and Esau. 1822 Memnon invents the Egyptian alphabet.
1800 Hykos in Egypt. 1729 Joseph sold into Egypt. 1710 Arcadians emigrate
to Italy and found a colony. 
1706 Jacob and his family settle in Egypt. 1618 Sesostris conquers Asia and
Ethiopia. 1582 Beginning of the chronology of the Arundelian marbles, which
were brought 
to England, in A. D. 1627. 1571 Moses born. 
Male infants In Egypt destroyed. 1556 Athens founded. 1516 Kingdom of Sparta
formed. 1530 Expulsion of the Ilykos from Egypt. Aahmes 1. founds 18th Egyptian
dynasty. 1500 The Kossean conquest of Babylon. 
Rameses I. founds 19th Egyptian dynasty. 
Arabians subdue Chaldea and establish 
a new dynasty. 
1497 Reign of Agenor. 1st king of Phenicia. 
1493 Cadmus founds Thebes. 
Discovery of brass. 
Introduction of the alphabet into Greece. 1491 The passover instituted. 
Departure of the Israelites from Egypt. 
The law given from Mount Sinai. 
1490 Tabernacle established In the wilderness. 1451 Death of Moses and Aaron.
Joshua leads the Israelites into Canaan. 1445 Joshua divides Canaan. 1413
to 1136 Hebrews subject to six periods of bondage. 
1402 Othniel, first judge In Israel. 1400 King of Babylon marries the daughter
of the Assyrian King. 
1394 Ehud, second judge of Israel. 1384 Corinth built. 1380 Kurigalzu King
of Babylon. 1355 Eglon, King of Moab. 2350 Israel wars with her neighbors.
1326 Eleusinian monasteries instituted. 1321 King Thothmosls changes the
Egyptian calendar. 
1320 Egyptian Obelisks erected. 
Ruth the Moabitess marries Boas. 1313 Kingdom of Myacena created. 1108 Lethos
builds temple of Vulcan at Memphis. 
1296 Borak and Deborah in Israel. 
1280 Pelops settles In South Grese. 
1273 Rise of the Assyrian Empire. 
1250 Babylon conquered by the Assyria. 
1249 Gideon. the greatest of the Judges of 
1240 Ramses-Sesostrs reigns in Egypt. 
1209 Abimelech King of Israel. 
1200 Proetus in Egypt. 
1198 Helen carried off by Paris. 
1193 Trojan war begins. 
1184 Troy destroyed by Grees 
1280 Rameses III. the last Egyptlan native 
1171 Ell. High Priest in Israel. 
1161 Israel wars against Amorite,. 
1152 Alba Longa founded. 
1150 Nebuchadnezzar   of  Babylon   Invades 
1143 Jepthah judge over Israel. 
1116 Samson defeats the Philistines c 
1130 Tlgath Plleser I. invades Babylonia. 
1123 Samuel, judge and frst prophet in 
1112 Death of Samson. 
1110 TIglath Pileaser seizes Babylon but is soon 
1103 Eolians settle in Asia Minor. 
1100 (circa) The Chow    dynasty in China 
1095 Saul made first King of IsraeL 11093 Saul defeats the Phiiis 1081 Birth
of David. 1075 Death of Samuel. 
1056 Death of Saul and Jonathan, and acow 
sion of David. 
1050 Tyre becomes the leading city. 
Hirhor seizes the Egyptian throne. 
104R David takes Jerusalem. 
1047 King Hiram. of Tyre, aids the Israelites. 
1044 lonlans settle in Asia Minor, 
1040 David defeats the Philistines and recovera the Ark. 
The Ark removed to Jerusalem. 
David, of Israel, subdues the Syrians. 
1023 The revolt and death of Absalom. 
1015 Death of David. 
Solomon becomes King. 
1011 Solomon's Temple begun. 
1004 Completion and dedication of Solomon'S 
990 The Queen of Sheba visits King Solomon. 
( 5 Death Of Solomon. 
Revolt of the Ten Tribes. 
Division into kingdoms of Israel and 
The kingdom of Israel established under 
Syria recovers Independence. 
"Egyptlan History is in a state of almost hopeless obscurity, the estimates
of the great Egyptologers differing more than 3,000 years. The dates here
given are generally accepted by the greater part of Chronologists. 
B. C. 
B. C. 
B. C. 
971 Shshak, King of Egypt, captures and 
plunders Jerusalem. 
957 Abijah, King of Judah, defeats the King 
of Israel. 
950 The decline of Thebes, Egypt. 
Assur-dayan II., King of Assyria. 916 Rhodians found navigation laws. 906
Israel is afflicted with a famine predicted 
by the Prophet Elijah. 
901 Syria makes war upon Israel and is defeated. 
900 Erection of the northwest palace of Nimrod. 
897 Elijah translated to heaven. 896 Jehoshaphat defeats the Ammonites. 
Death of Ahab, King of Israel. 895 Miracles of Elisha the Prophet. 892 Samaria
besiegesd by the Syrians. 884 Lacedemon settled. 
Legislation of Lycurgus at Sparta. 
Assur-natsir-pal King of Assyria. 
880 The Assyrians again invade Babylonia. 878 Carthage fourded by Dido the
Tyrian. 875 SardanaI alus I. of Assyria. 870 The Assyrians conquer Plienicia.
860 Assyrian con( uest under Shalmaneser. 
iHazael attacks Israel. 846 Lycurgus flourishes. 
Olympic games revived in Ella, Greece. 834 Assyria conquers Tarsus. 820 Babylon
becomes subject to Assyria. 800 The Egyptians the most powerful nation 
on the sea. 
Eollan colonies established. 794 Ionian colonies established. 776 Commencement
of the Olymv" 
First authentic date in Greek history. 760 The Etruscans in Campania. 753
Rome founded by Romulus. 752 Athens establishes decennial Instead of 
perpetual A rchons. 
750 Sabine war follows the abduction of the 
Sabine women. 
Ethiopia independent. 
747 Babylon independent of Nineveh. 
League between Romans and Sablnes. 745 Put assumes the name of Tiglath Pileser
and founds the 2nd Assvrian Empire. 
Assyria invades Palestine. 743 Messenian wars. 
Sparta vtorious. 
741 Pekah, King ot Israel, besieges Jarusaiti m. 
740 Tiglath Pileser destroys Syria. 
Israel forms  an  alliance  with  Syria 
against Judah. 
Syria becomes sublect tc Assyria. 730 Shaimaneser subdues Israel. 726 liezekiab
abolishes idolatry In Judah. 723 Shalmanieser IV invades Phenicia. 721 Assyrians
invest Samaria and carry the 
Ten Tribes into caotilvity. 
The Kingdom of Israel destroyed. 
717 Assyrians toally defeat the Hittites. 716 Assassination of Romuius. 715
Numa Pompilius, King of Rome. 713 Sennacherib,  the   Assyrian, invades 
710 Sennacherib Invades Judah. 
185,000 Assyrians destroyed in one night 
by an angel. 
709 Sargon of Assyria conquers Babylon. 698 Manasseh, King of Judah. 
Gross idolatry in Judah. 
690 Gyges founds the 3rd Lydian dynasty. 686 Egypt divided betweeen 12 Kings.
685--668 Second Messenian War, under Artstomenes. 
684 Archonship at Athens made annual. 681 Esar-haddon King of Assyria. 
Babylon becomes the second capital. 
683 Creon becomes first annual archon of 
678 Samaria colonized by Assyrians. 672 Assyria conquers Egypt. 671 Psammeticus
reigns in Egypt and encourages intercourse with the Greeks. 670 Alban invasion
and battles of the Horath 
and Curiatil. 
Rise of Magaria, Greece. 
667--625 Reign of Assur-bani-pal, King of 
665 Sea fight between Corinth and Corcyra. 
Tullius Hostillius defeats the Albans and 
destroys Alba Longs. 
662 Thebes destroyed by Assyrians. 660 Messany, Italy founded. 
659 Byzantium founded by Megarians under 
655 Bacchiadac expelled from Greece. 650 Median Monarchy founded. 645 Egypt
independent of Assyria. 642 Kalanite dynasty, Media, founded by 
641 Cyrene founded. 640 Ancus Martius reigns In Rome. 
Invasion  of Scythians who subjugate 
Ostia, Italy, founded. 
Religious  reformation  under Josiah, 
King of Judah. 
632 Invasion of Assyria by the Scythians. 625 Babylon Independent under Nabopolassar.
Nineveh taken by the Medes. 
Assyrian Empire Ends. 
Periander at Corinth. 
624 Legislation of Draco, Archon at Athens. 
In repairing the temple at Jerusalem, 
Hilkiah discovers the Book of the law, 
and Josiah keeps a solemn passover. 
Jeremiah prophet. 623 Passover. 
The Ark restored. 
616 Tarquinius Priscus begins to reign 4n 
615 The Capitol, Rome, begun in honor of 
Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. 
Pharaoh Necho I. Egypt, circumnavigates Africa. 
610 Battle of Megiddo. 
Death of Josiah. 
Necho II. Egypt attempts to cut a canal 
across the Isthmus of Suez. Failure 
after a loss of over 100,000 men. 
606 The Circus Maximus, Rome, is erected. 
Necho I. of Egypt defeated by Nebuchadnezzar. 
Jeremiah's  prophecy  of the  seventy 
years' captivity. 
Nebuchadnezzar takes Jerusalem. 
Jeholakim. his vassal. 
S Daniel prophses at Babylon. 
60  Jeholakim revolts from Babylon. 60  The Cloaee Maxime (great sewers)
Rome are built. 
598 Capture of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnerszar. 
Second captivity. 
597 Zedekiah made King over the remnant 
of Judah. 
596 Persians invade Syria, and Syria continues a subject of Persia for three
594 Code of Solon at Athens published. 590 The seven wise men of Greece flourish,
Solon,  Periander, lttacus, Chilon. 
Thales. Cleobulus and Bias. 
War between Media and Lydia. 
B. C. 
588 The Pythian games begin to be celebrated every five years. 
Jerusalem, having rebelled against Babylon, is besieged by Nebuchadnezzar.
587 Nebuchadnezzar invcaes Phenicia. 
Golden image set up. 
Shadrach,   Meshach   and    Abednego 
thrown into a furnace. 
Prophecies of Obadiah. 
586 Jerusalem  taken and destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. 
End of the kingdom of Judah. 
585 Death of Periander, tyrant of Athens forty years. 
Treaty between Media and Lydia. 580 Copper money coined at Rome. 579 Nebuchadnezzar
takes Tyre. 578 Accession of Servius Tullius, Rome. 575 Civil war in Egypt.
570 Amasis reigns in Egypt. 569 Egypt conquered by Nebuchadnezzar. 566 The
first census of Rome taken-84,700 inhabitants. 
562 Death of Nebuchadnezzar. 
Nabonidos King of Babylon. 
560 Pisistratus becomes tyrant of Athens. 
Confucius and Zoroaster. 
Esop's fables. 
559 Anacreon begins to be known. 
Persian Empire founded by Cyrus. 556 Birth of Simonides (died B. C. 467.)
554 Conquest of Lydia and capture of Cresus by Cyrus. 
549 Death of Phalarts, tyrant of Agrigentum. 546 Fall of Lydian Empire. 543
Cyrus annexes Asia Minor to Persia. 540-510 Era of Pythagoras. 539 (circa)
Marseilles founded  by Pheniclans. 
538 Daniel Interprets handwriting on the wall. 
Cyrus conquers Babylon. 
Belshazzar, King of Babylon, Is slain. 536 Cyrus ends the captivity of the
Return of the first caravan to Jerusalem 
under Zerubbabel and Joshua. 
Cyrus also subdues Phenicia. 
535 Rebuilding of the Temple commenced. 
Thespis first exhibits tragedy. 
534 Servius assassinated by Tulla. his daughter. 
Hter husband, Tarquinius Superbus, becomes King of Rome. 
532 Polycrates, tyrant of Samos (put to death B. C; 522). 
531 Reign of Darius I. begins after assassination of Smerdis, the Magian.
529 Death of Cyrus. 
Accession of Cambyses. 
525 Conquest 3f Egypt by Cambyses. 
Birth oi Fschylus (died B. C. 456). 
The temple of Isis, Egypt; completed. 
Smerdis usurps the Persian throne, defeated by Darius, 522. 522 Death of
Greeks colonize the Thracian Chersonese. 
Lestos founded. 
521-485 Reign of Darius I. (Hystaspis) King of Persia. 
520 Sibylline books brought from Cume. 
Decree of Darius for re-building the 
Temple at Jerusalem. 
518 Birth of Pindar (died B. C. 439). 515 The Temrle rebuilt and dedicated.
514 Insurrection in Athens. 
Hipparchus slain. 
Hippias rules in Athens. 510 Croton destroys Sybarls. 
Expulsion of the Tarquins from Rome. 
Foundation of the Republic. 
Junius Brutus and Tarquinius Collatinus 
The Pisistride expelled from Athens. 
Athens a republic. 
509 uommercial treaty between Carthage and Rome. 
508 First treaty betweeen Rome and Carthage. 
First Valerian Laws. 
The Scythian Expedition of Darius. 
6Mf Capitol at Rome completed and dedicated. 
504 Sardis burned by the Greeks. 501 Siege of Naxos by Aristagoras. 
Titus Lartius made Dictator of Rome. 
Ionian revolt in Asia Minor. 
500 Burning of Sardis by the Ionlans and Athenians. 
499 The revolt of the lonians (Greece). 498 Persia recovers Cyprus. 497 Battle
of Lake Regillus. 
Tarquin and his Latin allies defeated by 
*   .4  Romans. 
First authentic date in Roman history. 
496 Histleus, the Persian, sent to the coast 
by Darius. 
495 Birth of Sophocles (died B. C. 406). 
Revolt of the Ionians, aided by Athens, 
494 Tribunes at Rome appointed. 
Patricians secede. 
493 Independence of the Latins recognized. 
Coroli taken by Caius Martius (Coriolanus.) The Latin League. 
492 First Persian  expedition, under Mardonlus against Greece, is defeated
fleet destroyed near Mt. Athos. 
491 Coriolanus banished from Rome.  He Is received by the Volscians. 
490 Second Persian expedition, under Datis 
and Artaphernes. 
Their defeat, and victory of Miltiades at 
the battle of Marathon. 
489 Coriolanus and the Volsclans besiege Rome. 
488 Coriolanus withdraws   from  siege  of 
Rome at his mother's entreaty and is 
slain by the Volsclans. 
486 Egyptian revolt. 
First Agrarian Law of Cassius propose'l. 
485 Accession of Xerxes I., King of Persia. 
Gelon tyrant of Syracuse. 
485 Recovery of Egypt by the Persians. 
Birth of Herodotus (died after B. C. 409). 
483 Banishment of Aristides the Just by the 
481 Athenian fleet built. 
Third and greatest invasion of Greece by 
the Persians, ea by Xerxes. 
480 Battle of Thermopyie-fall of Leonidas. 
Battle of Salamis-victory of ThemistOcles. 
Xerxes destroys Athens. 
First invasion of Sicily by Carthage. 
Defeat of the Carthaginians by Gelon at 
Birth of Eluripides (died B. C. 406.) 
479...4h0 Anaxagorus (b. 500, d. 428) teaches 
philosophy at Athens. 
479 Occupation of Athens by Mard6nius. 
Persians defeated at Pl,.Iea and Mycale 
and retreat from Greece. 
Siege of Sestos. 
477 Beginning of the supremacy of Athens. 
The Fabil perish in cattIe with the 
475-478 F-iro I-at Syracu z." 
474 Esther and Mordecai. 
471 Banishment of Themistoleb. 
33. C. 
471 Birth of Thucydides (died after B. C. 403). 
First Pubillian Laws. 
Election of plebeian magistrates given to 
the Comitia Tributa-Rome. 
470 Victory of Cimon over the Persians at 
the Eurymedon. 
Antium (Rome) taken. 
Suicide of Appius Claudius. 
469 Pericles begins to take part in the public affairs of Athens. 468 Birth
of Socrates. 
Destruction of Mycene by the Argives. 
Diogenes of Appolonio flourishes. 466 Flight of Themistocles to Persia. 
Siege of Naxos. 
Battles at the Eurymedon. 
Phenicians aiding Persia are defeated 
by the Greeks under Cimon. 465 Xerxes I. assassinated. 
Reign of Artaxerxes I. In Persia. 
Revolt of Thasos. 
464 Revolt of the Helots at Sparta. 
Third Messenian War. 
Sparta defeats Messenia. 
460 Egypt revolts against Persia. 
(The revolt is suppressed In 455.) 
Birth of Democritus and Hippocrates 
(both died in B. C. 357). 
The Athenian in Egypt. 459 Gorgias flourished. 458 Commission of Ezra to
rebuild Jerusalem. 
Birth of Lysias the orator (died 378). 
Cincinnatus made dictator at Rome. 
Defeats the Equi. 457 Battle of Tanagra. 456 The Long Walls of Athens completed.
451 The first Decemvlrate or council of ten 
at Rome. 
Laws of the Twelve Tables or code of 
laws Instituted. 
449 The Greeks defeat the Persians at Salamus in Cyprus. 
Virginius kills his daughter to save her 
from Appius Claudius. 
First Decemvirate abolished. 
Appius Claudius, Rome. 
448 Valerian and Horatian Laws. 
Tyranny of the second Decemvirate. 
Secession of the Plebs from Rome. 
Abdication of the Decemvirs. 
Second Sacred War in Greece. 
447 Battle of Coronea, defeat of Athens. 446 Syracuse subdues Agrigentum
  and defeats the Etruscans. 
445 Thirty years' truce between Athens and 
Sparta concluded. 
Decline of the Athenian Empire. 
Revolt of Eubea and Megara. 
Canuleian Laws, Rome. 
Nehemiah governor of Judea. 444 Athenian Colony to Thurii. 
Pericles becomes supreme at Athens. 
Birth of Xenophon about this time (died 
Commission of Nehemiah. 
The walls of Jerusalem rebuilt. 
Roman Consular Tribunes established. 443-338 The Parthenon at Athens built
443 Herodotus flourishes in Greece. 442 New constitution at Rome-censors
military tribunes appointed instead of 
440 Rome visited by a terrible famine. 440-439 The Samlan war. 
Siege and reduction of Samos by Pericles. 
Death of Spurlus Melius-Rome. 
437 Cornelius Cossus and Lars Tolumnius. 
Second Spolia Opima, Rome. 436 Birth of Isocrates (died 338). 434 Rome declares
war against the EtruScans. 
433 Treaty between Athens and Corcyra. 
Meton, astronomer, flourished. 
431 Peloponnesian   War   begins  between 
Athens and a confederacy with Sparta at the   head, lasting  twenty-seven
years and ending in the defeat of 
Potidea tesieged by the Athenians (taken in 429). 
Death of Pericles. 
Rise of Cleon. 
Battle of Mt. Algidus; the Eqnl and 
Volsci defeated. 
430 The plague at Athens. 429 Plato born (died 34). 
Siege of Platea. 
Naval victories of Ph,   o. 428 Revolt and fall of Myti ne. 427 Reduction
of Mytilene 
First Athenian expediton to Sicily. 
First comedy of Aristophanes exhibited. 
Corcyrean massacre. 426 liemosthenes in Etolia. 
Destruction in Fidene. 
425 Reign of Xerxes II. followed by Logdianus. 
Sphacteria taken. 
424 Darius II. reigns in Persia. 
Congress of Sicilians at Gela. 
423 Alcibiades begins to act in Athenian af. 
The Samanites (Rome) capture Valternium. 
423 Capua taken by the Samanites. 419 Birth of Diogones the Cynic, (died
324). 418 Battle of Mantinea. 
Spartans defeated by Athens. 
415 The Hebrew, Malachi, prophesies. 
Invasion of Sicily by the Athenians under Nicias. 
414 Siege of Syracuse. 
413 Defeat and surrender of Nicias to Gelippus. 
412 First treaty between Sparta and Persia. 
Constitution of the Four Hundred at 
Intrigues of Alcibiades with the Persians. 
410 Beginning of the wars of Syracuse and 
Carthage.   They   continue  seventy 
409 Three plebeian questors of Rome elected. 
Second invasion of Sicily by the Carthaginians. 
407 The Voisctans defeat the Romans. 
Rhodes founded. 406 Battle of Arginuse. 
Condemnation of the ten generals. 
Dlonysus tyrant of Syracuse; reigns 
thirty-eight years. 
405 The siege of Veil, Rome. 
Battle of Egospotami.    Dionysius L 
reigns in Syracuse. 
404 Athens taken by Lysander.   End of the 
Peloponnesian War. 
Government of the Thirty Ti'yrants at 
Spartan supremacy. 
Death of Alcibiades. 
403 Thrasybulus restores democratic government at Athens. 
402 Birth of Phocion (died 317.) 401 Expedition of Cyrus the younger who
rebels; at the battle of Cunaxa he is defeated and slain and the "Retreat
of ten thousand" Greeks under Xenophon 
401-184 Ctesias flourished. 
B. C. 
400 Malachi. 
399 Death of Socrates, 398 Campaign and peace of Dercyllidas. 396 First Campaign
of Agesilaus in Asia. 
The Roman dictator Camillos captures 
395 Gre, an coalition against Sparta; Lysanier slain.                   
394 Persians assist the Athenians and defeat 
the Spartans at the naval battle of the 
The Corinthian War begins. 
The second battle of Coronea. 
393 The Long Walls of Athens restored by 
392 Vei stormed by Hamillus. 391 Camillus impeached and exiled. 390 Battle
of Allis. 
The Romans defeated by Brennus and 
the Gauls. Rome burnt. 
Siege of the Capitol. 
389 Victory of Dionysius at Helorus. 
Birth of Eschines. 
The Gauls expelled from Rome and city 
387 Peace of Antalcidas, Persia. 
Greek cities in Asia subjected to Persia. 
End of the Corinthian War. 
Capitoline games established in Rome. 385 Defeat of the Persians under Evagoras.
384 Birth of Aristotle. 
Manlius hurled from Tarpelan rock for 
having aimed at sovereignty. 383 Battle of Lecheum. 
The Olynthian war begins, and ends 279. 382 Seizure of the Cadmea at Thebes
Birth of Demosthenes (died 322). 380 Death of Aristophanes. 
Height of Spartan power. 
379 Recovery of the Cadmea by Pelopidas. 378 The Athenians allied with Thebes.
376 Roman civil war between patricians an. 
Law passed that one consul shall be a 
375 Battle of Leuctra, Greece. 372 Peace between Athens and Sparta. 371 Victory
of Epaminondas over the Spartans at Leuctra. 
Foundation of Megapolis. 370 Jason of Phere assassinated. 
Alexander of Phere in Thessaly. 
367 Embassy   of Pelopidas, the Greek, to 
Aristotle goes to Athens, and remains 
with Plato twenty years. 
Licinian laws passed at Rome. 366 Joshua slain by the High Priest. 
Birth of Zeno, the Stoic (died 264). 
Institution of pretorship and curule 
edileship at Rome. 
First Plebeian consul elected. 365 Great Plague at Rome. 
Legend of M. Curtius. 
362-346 Rome wars with the Gauls, Btruscans and Hernicans. 
Battle of Mantines (circa). 
Victory and death of Epaminondas.    360 The Samaritans build the Temple
Kingdom of Pontus founded. 
358 Beginning of the Social War in Greee 
Siege of Chios and Byzantium. 
Amphipolis taken by Philip I. 357-352-347 Roman laws of debt. 
Phoclan (or Sacred) War begins. 
Expedition of Dion to Sicily. 
156 Second Sacred War, the Phocians having seized the Tem.ple of Delphi.
Birth of Alexander the Great. 
Temple of Diana, at Ephesus, burned. 
Dion expels Dionysius from Syracuse. 
Caius Marcius Rutilus first Plebeian Di0tator at Rome. 
355 End of the Social War in Greece. 
Independence of Rhodes, Cos. Chloe alid 
Byzantium acknowledged by Athenu 354 Revolt of Artabazus, the Persian. S53
Siege of Methone, Greece. 352 Demosthenes delivers his first Philippi 
Phenicia revolts from the Persian monarchy. 
351 C. Marcius Rutilus first Plebeian cons, 
Sidonlans revolt and destroy Sidon. 
350 The Roman Popilius defeats the Gauls. 348 Olynthus taken by Philip of
Treaty between Carthage and Rums. 346 Surrender of Phocis to Philip. 
End of the Sacred War. 
Philip admitted to the AmphYctiOuW 
Dionysius recovers the tyranny. 343 First Samnite war begins. 
Battle of Mt. Gaurus. 
Conquest of Syracuse by Timoleon. 
Expulsion of Dionysius. 
Embassy of Demosthenes and others to 
342 Roman Genucian laws. 
Mutiny at Lantule, Rome. 
342-341 Philip of Macedon's expedition to Thrace. 
Birth of Epicurus (died 270). 
340 Perinthus and Byzantium   besieged by Philip. 
Victory of Timoleon over the Carthaginlans at the Crimisus. 
Battle of Mt. Vesuvius, Rome. 329 Second Roman Pubilian laws. 
Third Sacred War begins between Philip 
and the Athenians. 
338 Philip  general of the   AmphyctIoilo League. 
Battle of Cherones. 
Philip subjugates Greece. 
337 First Roman Plebeian pretor. 337-35 The Latin War begins; after tWO years
the Romans are victorious. 336 Murder of Philip. 
Accession of Alexander IIL the Great. 
Accession of Darius Codomanus. 
335 Alexander destroys Thebes; is chosen generalissimo of the Greeks, Athens
having submitted. 
334 Battle of the Granicus. 
Macedonian Empire formed. 
Alexander invades Persia. 333 Battle of Issus. 
Damascus taken and Tyre besieged by 
332 Capture of Tyre and conquest of Egypt by Alexander. 
Alexandria, Egypt, founded    on the 
Egyptian village Rhacotis. 
Treaty between Alexander and Rome. 
Alexander visits Jerusalem and worshVlW 
at the Temple. 
321 Phenicia subdued by Alexander. 
Battle of Arbela. 
Subjugation of Persia. 
Settlement of the Jews at Alexandria. 330 Darius III. assassinated. 
Demosthenes' oration for the crown. 
Persia becomes a part of the Macedonian 
327-325 Campaigns of Alexander In India.' Voyage of Nearchus from the Indus
the Euphrates. 
326 Roman servitude for debt abolished. 

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