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Pioneer days of Evansville and vicinity

Chapter VII: an early day Methodist camp meeting,   pp. 32-35

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siding elder with Father Callender as preacher, but he never moved his family
here and Rev. Daniel Stansbury came and took his place, with Rev. Fred Curtis
as assistant. In the fall of 1853 they were attached  to Madison district,
with Rev. J. Searles as presiding elder till the fall of 1855 and Rev. Daniel
Stansbury preacher, with Rev. S. L. Leonard assistant. 
In the fall of 1854 James Butler was sent here as preacher with Brother Webster
as asisstant. In the fall of 1855 this circuit was divided and this part
given the name of Evansville station  and  Porter.  Union   and Brooklyn
formed a circuit; Magnolia and Footville with one or two other points made
up another circuit. All these circuits were attached to Janesville district
with Rev. W. Wood presiding elder; he served four conference years. In the
fall of 1855 Rev. E. P. Beecher, with Rev. John Beam as assistant had charge
of this woik. In the fall of 1856 Rev. Elisha Robinson was sent here and
worked here until the spring of 1858, conference having been changed from
fall to spring about this  time. For   two years the old church was used
for the seminary school while their red brick building was in process   of
In the spring of 1858 Rev. D. C. Jones came as minister and remained until
the fall of 1859. In the spring of 1859 Rev. Daniel Stanbsury was appointed
presiding elder and worked as such until some time in 1860, when he had a
stroke of paralysis, ending his active work, and he was soon after called
to his reward. Rev. H. C. Tilton filled the vacancy.  From the fall of 1859
for one year, Rev. J. J. Foot was preacher, followed by Rev. James Cooper
one year. In the fall of 1860 Rev. H. C. Tilton *as sent back as presiding
elder, but after a few months went into the 
army as chaplain, and Rev. J. H. Jennie took his place as presiding elder,
which he filled until 1865. 
In the fall of 1861 Rev. R. P. Lawton was sent as preacher for one year.
From the fall of 1862 to the fall of 1864, Rev. George   Chester labored
here. The three years following 1864 to the fall of 1867 were filled by Rev.
George De Lamatyer, and under his charge this church was built at a cost
of about $6,000 and dedicated in the fall of 1867 by Rev. Samuel Fallows,
D. D. As presiding elder we bad from the fall of 1865 to the fall of 1868
Rev. C. D. Pillsbury, and Rev. William H. Sampson was preacher in charge
from the fall of 1867 to 1869. Rev. S. C. Thomas was presiding elder from
the fall of 1868 to the fall of 1872; for two years beginning in the fall
of 1869, Rev. E. D. Farnham was our minister followed by three years of service
by Rev. J. M. Craig. Rev. P. B. Pease was presiding elder from the fall of
1872 until the fall of 1876. Rev. J. H. Brooks was preacher one year from
the fall of 1874, Rev. J. D. Cole from the fall of 1875 to the fall of 1877.
Rev. W. P.     Stowe   served 
four years as presiding elder, beginning in the fall of 1876. Rev. C. E.
Goldthorpe preached for three years ending with the fall of 1880, with Rev.
A. J. Mead as presiding elder from the fall of 1880 to the fall of 1883.
During these three years Rev. Henry Faville was minister, followed by Rev.
Henry Sewell, also here three years, ending his work here in the fall of
1886, at which time Rev. T. L. Wharton came. 
Rev. Lugg    was presiding   elder from 1883 to 1887, a full term of four
years. At the session of conference held at Appleton, October, 1887, Rev.
Wharton, after one year's    service here  was   removed. Rev. L. N. Wheeler
was appointed pastor and 

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