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Dexheimer, Florence Chambers, 1866-1925 / Sketches of Wisconsin pioneer women
([1924?] )

Mason, E. C.
Mrs. William Vroman,   pp. 171-174 PDF (830.5 KB)

Page 174

struments besides their voices and their made-up songs.
One of these was sung to the tune of Auld Lang Syne,
it begun:
    "Old Barstow's dead, that poor old soul, we ne'er
shall see him more, etc."
    When Wisconsin became a state being better adver-
tised the population increased rapidly and with it new
buildings for schools. One in which the beginning of the
University was housed. The upper floor being occupied
by Miss Matilda Howell (as a school girl). My father
joined a newly organized cavalry company called "The
Dane County Cavalry Co."   These gaily caparisoned
gentlemen made annual trips to the farm where they
went through with their maneuvers and afterward were
treated by the ladies of the company to a sumptuous re-
past spread on tables under the shade of the wide spread-
ing oaks. There were no women in those days. My
mother's sister took a course of study with Miss Howell,
after which there was a break into the family circle
caused by her marriage to Charles Holt and their re-
moval to Janesville where he founded and was editor for
many years of the Janesville Gazette, gaining the title
later of "the Veteran Journalist of Wisconsin."
    My father being absorbed in business in the nearby
city of Madison, and for the advantages the schools of-
fered to the two children, my brother and his little sister,
moved his family there. My mother gladly welcomed
the change and was happy with her church work, and
later when clubs began to be the order of the day, was
a member of the Woman's Club from its organization.
Various charitable organizations-the D. A. R., and a
Grandmother's Club, for she was then a grandmother,
was her special protege z. She lived io be over ninety and
died at the home of her daughter, full of years and hon-
ors and loved by everyone.

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