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Dexheimer, Florence Chambers, 1866-1925 / Sketches of Wisconsin pioneer women
([1924?] )

Kent, Antoinette Cowles
Mrs. Cordelia A. Perrine Harvey,   pp. 142-144 PDF (606.6 KB)

Stewart, Lillian Kimball
Rose C. Swart,   pp. 144-147 PDF (832.0 KB)

Page 144

her field of labor. She also visted Washington and in-
duced Lincoln to establish hospitals in Wisconsin for
sick soldiers. Senator Howe drew up a petition at the
proposal of Mrs. Harvey and Mrs. Eliza Chappell Porter.
    (Mrs. Frank S.) Antoinette Cowles, Daughter No.
30546, 635 Park Ave., Beloit, Wisconsin, Dec. 27, 1923.
                 ROSE C. SWART
           Author-Lillian Kimball Stewart
    On a bright October day in 1921 there were gathered
in the gymnasium of the State Normal School at Osh-
kosh, Wisconsin, hundreds of men and women, ranging
in age from twenty to fourscore, all of them animated by
a feeling of love and loyalty for the institution of which
at some time in their lives each had been a part. They
were holding a jubilee, celebrating the golden anniver-
sary of the opening of their school.
    Among those on the platform sat a woman, serene,
vigorous, alert, who had been a teacher in the school
for fifty years-Rose C. Swart. The most touching fea-
ture of the programme on that day was the presentation
to her by the President of the State Board of Normal
School Regents of a gold medal, or pin, in recognition
of her long and inestimable service. In expressing her
appreciation of the tribute Miss Swart revealed in these
words the noble spirit in which her life work had been
accomplished: "The day's work, multiplied to some ten
thousand has always been full of vital interest, rich in
good cheer, AND ITS OWN REWARD". She had
never sought for honors or for fame. Always she had
been content to do her best and to give her best wherever
she was placed, knowing well that only a life so lived is
truly great, truly successful.
    Rose C. Swart was born in Honesdale, Pennsylvania,
January 14, 1847. From her father, who was of DutchO

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