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Bible, Edward / Annual overall economic development program report, 1996/1997
(October 1996)

Chapter I: Administrative organization,   pp. [unnumbered]-6 PDF (2.5 MB)

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COMMUNITY FACILITIES GOAL: Community facilities that are well-planned and
conveniently located so as to adequately provide the full range of community services to
citizens of the region.
RECREATION GOAL: Recreational areas, facilities, and activities commensurate with
present and future needs of the region for its citizens and visitors.
SEWER AND WATER GOAL: Sewer and water service, public or private, for all habitable
buildings in the region, designed to meet recognized health standards.
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT GOAL: A healthy and growing regional economy and the
economic well-being of the present and future inhabitants of the region.
HOUSING GOAL: An adequate supply of housing in price ranges affordable to area residents
and reasonable choices in housing location and type.
TRANSPORTATION GOAL: Development and proper expansion of transportation and
communication facilities to accommodate movement of people and goods conveniently,
efficiently, and safely both within and outside the region.
These goal statements were later refined and developed into a listing of objectives providing
more specific information as to how each goal might be achieved. In addition, policy statements were
developed and adopted by the Commission which established guidelines for the regional development.
The policies became an integral part of the various functional planning activities of the Regional
Planning Commission undertaken over the years.
The Commission's goals for the economic development of southwestern Wisconsin were
developed as part of the OEDP planning process a number of years ago. These have been evaluated
on an annual basis. The detailed goals and objectives are included in later sections of this economic
development strategy. They can be briefly stated as follows:
1.    Strengthen the capacity of local units of government, development groups and other
community-based organizations in the region to plan, implement and manage economic
development activities.
2.    Increase the manufacturing base of southwestern Wisconsin and provide planned industrial
facilities to support manufacturing growth.
3.    Enhance the retail and service sectors of communities in the region.
4.    Promote the development of basic public works facilities and community services which
improve the public's health, safety and living conditions.
5.    Promote the maintenance and upgrading of the region's highway, rail, airport and river
transportation systems.
6.    Enhance the tourism potential of southwestern Wisconsin by supporting and working with
community-based groups in identifying and developing new potentials in the areas of new
development, historic preservation and community activities.

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