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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

The Thiensville Dam

The mill changed ownership several times. The water power
generated by the dam was discontinued in 19   . Until that
time the dam was always tak   1 cre of by the then owners of
the       -' iebscher and Schaefer.When leaks occured in
the darn, hey were immediately taken care of by placing
burlap bags filled with sand and dumping them on the spot
where the leaks were.   A Mr. Ehrling who owned the farm to
the south of the dam, provided an easement from the farm
to the south portion of the dam, to provide access to the
dam so that gravel or other material could be transported
by horse drawn vehicles to repair the dam if necessary.
Another very interesting and enjoyable pasttime was that of
deep net fishing. When the time came that fish would spawn,
they would move to look for bays or creeks along the shore
of the river. There they would enter and lay their eggs
and return to the river. This usually coinsided with the
time the ice would break up on the river, usually the latter
part of IViarch and the first half of April.
This was the time when the fishermen would set up their dip
nets, sometimes a dozen in number. They would set a post
into the ground near the shore, leaving about five or six
feet out of the ground.   On top of this post was a    with
a fifteen foot long four inch cedar pole with a net on the
other end. This way they would heave the net in and out
of the water. If a fish happened to swim across the net at
this time, the fisherman would swing his pole over to the

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