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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

The Thiensville Dam

The Thiensville Dam
The Thiensville Dam was always a great attraction for young
and old who visited the village. This was especially true of
Saturdays and Sundays when the days were long. One could
see pe ople taking a walk along the upper dam, starting from
the mill and up to the dam proper and watch the water falls.
This was a romantic walk, seeing a young couple slowly
walking hand in hand. This is where it received the name
Lovers Lane and is called by that name to this very day.
On either side of the upper dam are very large willow trees.
On a bright night the stars would blink through the leaves
and give it a perfect picture. The level of the water above
the dam is about eight feet higher than the lower river.
ior some time, small leaks were observed. In the spring of
1939, the river was so high near the head gates that the
work to stoi the leaks, and the work could not be finished.
In 1940, leaks were noticed on the south portion of the river.
Although the dry season left the water level considerably
lower, the head gates were opened and the water level was
further reduced to its lowest level possible. This was
done to make it possible to rinpoint the exact damage done
to the dam. It was determined by the engineers that the
repair plan involved the driving of approximate eighty
feet of steel sheeting along the downstream edge of the
fish run and the filling in with concrete between the
steel barrier and the hole-packed existing dam face. It
was estimated to cost about $1000. if done now. If not done

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