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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Fire department

In 1932, Mequon decided to have a fire department of their
own and subsequently organized their own. A meeting was
held on Iay 15, 1933, and officers elected. The first
president elected was Elroy Schubert and Oliver Gerlach,
secretary, and Carl Gruenwald, treasurer.
A committee of three was selected for the purpose to draw
up a constitution and byOlaws. On May 15, 1933, the con-
stitution and by-laws were adopted.   On June 19, 1933, Win.
C. Lange was appointed the first Chief of the Mequon Fire
Department. He was a retired 14ilwaukee policeman and
served the Mequon Fire Department until his death in 1947.
1  S'~   11. 14vyea rs.
Two kinds of membership were decided upon, active and in-
active. Active members were elected upon application and
approved for membership by election by the members and
admitted on approval by a doctor for physical fitness.
Inactive members were voted on and approved by the member-
ship. They were members of a social nature and paid dollar
f or permanent membership. Only the active members were
allowed to wear the fire department uniforms. The Town
Board under whose direction the Fire Department operated,
then advertised for bids on a two pumper, motor driven.
A Sterling< truck with a Peter Pershing Equipment was
purchased along with 1000 feet of hose and some ladders.
Mr. Al Breustedt agreed to build a garage to house the
engine with enough spare room for meeting purposes.

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