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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Additional swimming pool information

diving, and other acts in trick diving, life saving, and
correct ways of righting a capsized boat and climbing in
aga n.  About 2500 spectators were present. Mledals and
trophies were donated by Burkhardt and Sons and E. P.
Schandein, fijr. Ray Tellon, President of the StAte A.A.W.
was in attendance, Eleven people acting as scorers,
judges, Clarence St. Peter manager, and county recreational
director, and others assisting. The first swim meet was a
tremendous success.  Several meets were held later.   A
small grouL of people who were very interested and helpful
in staging this swimming meet feted all those in assistance
with sandwiches, beer and coffee and doughnuts at the close
of the performance. It was a great enjoyment for all those
responsible of the meet as well as the public.
A small portion of the north end of land surrounding the
pool area still had some usable gravel on it and the County
was reluctant to sell it to the Town. After some negotiation
and persuading, they finally relented and sold it to the
Town of M equon for $1000. This made a total area of 2/13
acres the Town owned and could plan for a park, recreation
area for the children and a baseball diamond and ample room
for municipal buildings as they became necessary. Immediate
action was taken for grading and planning for the planting
of trees, flowers and shrubs. Trees fromtwo to six inches
in diameter were being bought and some were donated, dug,
and planted by the highway crew according to the plan pre-
pared by Mr. Boener.

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