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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Industry in Mequon

Industry in Mequon
In 1857, Win. Opitz and Adolph Zimmerman owned and operated
the first brewery in Mequon. It was located about one
block west of the Milwaukee railroad tracks on the south
side of Hwy. 167. When the brewery stopped operation, Mr.
Frank Gerlach operated a wholesale beer distributing
business at the same place. He had the agency from the
Youngs brewery whose beer he sold to taverns, etc. He
had a large territory to cover, considering that he had
only one team of horses to do it with. This was the era
before the advent of the automobile. He covered such towns
as Mequon, Germantown, Jackson, Brown Deer, Cedarburg, etc.
Mr. Gerlach continued in business for many years.
Louis C. Wagner, the grandfather of the late L. C. Wagner,
who owned and operated the tavern and restaurant on the
southeast corner of the intersection of highway 167 or
Mequon Road and Wauwatosa Road, operated a tavern, general
store, and a pickle processing plant on the same premises.
It is also said that he also operated a cheese factory on
the same premises.
The farmer would plant the pickle seed furnished by the
Wagners. This pickle seed was predominately Chicago
pickle seed, claimed to produce one of the best dill
pickles. They would pick them when they were about the
right size and paul them to ttie ractory. This was done
mostly i  the evening after chores when a regular line of

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