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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Dairy farming in Mequon

a punctured tire would certainly result. This strike
created a lot of enmity, even between the farmers. This
strike lasted about ten days, and agreement as to price of
milk was made.
Several months before the strike, a few of the distributors
in ifflwaukee defaulted in tle payment to the farmers, a few
of them receiving nothing for a month or two for their
milk. This added to the ill feeling between farmers and
the distributors.
Milk hauling to Milwaukee was agreed upon by the farmers
and several men who agreed to haul the milk for an agreed
price, usually $.15 for a 64 pound can of milk. Mr.
George Kaul, who lived on the east side of the Wauwatosa
Road near the Donges Bay Road, Herpich who lived on the
Mequon and Range Line Road, and John Klauck who lived on
the Oriole Lane and Mequon Road, were the principal milk
Producing and shipping of milk was a profitable way of
farming, if properly managed. But super demands made from
the farmers, such as caring of the cows, cleanliness of
the barns, and refrigeration of the milk before shipping
and fat test required, increased the cost of producing
milk to such an extent that it did not prove to be
profitable any m~ore and slowly one farmer after another
quit the dairy farming and sold out their herd and went
into steer raising. In the fall of the year, the farmers
would buy a number of young steers, shipped into Milwaukee
from the western states, fed them to maturity, fattened

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