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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Farming in Mequon

Farming In Mequon
The land in the area on which the early settlers settled
and made their homes was very heavily wooded with numerous
kinds of hard wood trees such as maple, oak, birch, etc.
This had to be cleared first to make room for the building
of a small log dwelling and shelter for the domestic
animals. Then some more had to be cleared and worked for
the planting of grain, potatoes, and vegetables for human
consumption. From this primeval beginning, it was only
the natural course to eventually and.primarily to enter
into the vocation of farming. This these sturdy emmi-
grants did and soon had a nice growing farming community
including such vocations necessary to give service in
manufacturing and repairing the tools necessary in their
operat- ion.
By cutting the trees, an abundance of fire wood was available.
Since there were no roads available as yet to haul it to
Milwaukee, other means to get it here had to be provided.
They contrived the idea of building piers into Lake
Michigan, about 300 feet out from shore and built a plat-
form on it. Piles were driven into the lake bottom for
support. On these platforms the farmers would pile the
wood in the winter and sail boats would come out in the
summer and load it on the boats and take it to Milwaukee
for fire wood.
The slope from the top of the bank to the waters edge was

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