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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Natural assets

Natural Assets
The Town of Mequon bears the marks of the glacial age that
left it a gentle rolling fertile region which over a hundred
fifty years ago was covered by a dense forest of oak, maple,
beech, ash, with hickory and butternut trees scattered
here and there as well as other species. Tamarack and
cedar trees were abundant in the swamps.   Wild grapes grew
profusly as well as blackberries and raspberries.
When God created the universe, he certainly did not forget
to bestow upon the Town of Mequon some of the natural
beauties with which Mequon is so richly blessed. The
entire east boundary is Lake Michigan, one of the greater
inland lakes in the United States. The lake shore bluff
is rather steep, from 50 feet to 400 feet deep, but in
several instances one can walk down to the water's edge
and enjoy the beautiful beach. Most of the bluff is over-
grown with trees and shrubs. These lessen the erosion of
the lake bank which has taken place in the last few
decades. In some cases large portions of the lake bank
suddenly gave way and slid down into the lake and washed
away. In some cases where homes were built too close to
the edge of the lake, enough of the bank eroded so as to
endanger the dwelling. In one case recently, the home of
Mr. John Hurth and family was put in such danger. Being
quite an expensive home, Mr. Hurth immediately retained a
contractor to move the house back 150 feet and thereby

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