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Early history of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

Port Washington,   pp. 44a-54

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Port Washington
Names listed on petitions for improving streets in the Village of
Port Washington, incorporated in 1848, include: Powers, E7en, John,
Bossler, Molitor, Knell, Bradley, Stone, Gilson, Martin, and one name now
internationally known: Leland Stanford. The story of his unsucces
career as a lawyer in Port Washington, before going to California to make
a great fortune and found a university, is very interesting; some details
of the story as remembered by local pioneers differing considerably from
the story related by Mrs. Stanford after his death.
Another great name associated with Port's early history is   t of
Abraham Lincoln who is said to have visited Wooster Harrison here in 1837
in a house which stood on the present parking lot at 121 E. Pier St. Thi
is disputed, however, by many historians and there are two differnt stori4
of where he stayed overnight when looking for a place to settle and practi4
Other well-known names found in records of the 1850's and '60's are:
Niederkorn, Adam, Ubbink, Larson, Schumacher, Greiveldinger, Schanen,
Bartol, Klopp, Peters, Wilke, Schmit, Mayer and Poull.
All files of the early newspapers published here in the English
language were destroyed in a fire, leaving only a few scattered copies
saved by individuals. The County Historical Society owns exactly 30 copiel
of the old Ozaukee County Advertiser, dated variously from 1855 to 1896.
The State Historical Society owns one copy but has made microfilms of
all those owned by the County Society which is indebted to the foresight
and generosity of an unknown citizen who deposited them at the Court House
years before the society was organized. The files of the Germar. language
paper "Die Zeitung published from 1859 well into the 20th century are

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