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Early history of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

The great Indian scare,   pp. 5-12

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The Great Indian Scare
One father threw his two children into the wagon and dashed for Milwaukee.
Heard them crying and screaming, Turned to look and discovered he'd grabbed
the wrong children.
Amazingly enough, with everybody gone frau their homes, there were no
looters. They apparently ran too I A tavernkeper in Port Washington moved
his wares out onto a crossroad, hoping to decoy the plundering hordes with
fire wter. When he returned a day or so later, the liquor was still there,
untouched. nother man put all his money and valuables into a small chest and
dug a hole in his garden to bury the Psket, When he came back he uncovered
the hole, but the chest wasn't there. He decided he must have forgotten
where he'd buried it, so began digging all over the yard to no avail, Then he
aod up to see the chest standing on the ground near the original hole...he
ha4 lver buried it at all. It was intaot.
In Waubeka anoth~r man hid a chest of valuables in the woods, carrying
it as if it were nothing. Lter, when he went to retrieve it, no longer
obsessed with fear, he found himself unable to 44ft it. It, too, was untouched.
Milwaukee by now was a seething mass of badly frightened people. Roads
wore choked with tea" and wagons and all tr4n  into the city were Jammed.
The proprietor of the Republican hote, Vogeloeang by name, opened the doors
of his hpstelry to the refugees, giving them free shelter. The hotel was
s9n full frm basement to attic, In contrast to this generosity were the
shopteepers who upped their prices drasticaly, particularly on all firearms.-
Many a rusty old musket sold for more than a new one would.
Governor Salomon ordered Captain Charles Leuan and his militia to march
into Ozauke county to meet the Indians. They did so and managed to flush

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