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Early history of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

The great Indian scare,   pp. 5-12

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Ttio Great Indian Or
In the meantime, rumors had begun to trickle int9 Milwaukee. The
people looked out over the dry, hot dusty landscape of Thursday, September 4.,
and it was not hard to believe that the bluish haze on the horizon was smoke
rising from the Ashes of murdered settlerp' homes. By evening wagons began
arriving, even from as far as Madison, loaded with people screming that
"'The Tnjuns ae coming!" Hartland, Qconomowoc and Lisbon were all in flames,
they recounted in abject terror. Pewaukee was wied out, people lying in pools
of blood' WeFt Bend was surrounded by howling redskins bent on butchering the
pppulat ion !
One man from Lisbon was so frightened he didn't even stop in Milwaukee,
put comandeered a boat and rpwed out into the lake, where he spent a night
that was chilly and rainy, but At least was devoid of Indians.
Two halfbreeds who were gathering roots and herbs for a Dr. E. B. Wolcott
on the outskirts of the city, on seeing the inrushing vehicles, ran forward,
axes in hand, to beg a ride. They couldn't understand why the palefaces
became paler and whips were frantically applied to the straining horses' backs.
soon reports began coming in fro north of the city. The town chairman
of Richfield sent a telegram pleading, "Please send u  troops and arms by the
first train. The Indians are within tive miles qf here and are murdering and
burning everything they come across, They burned CedArburg last night."
Near Plymouth a man buried his salt pork in the cellar and then drank
up 41 his currant wine (with the help of the neighbos). A woman ran three
miles into torn with a ptpkin pie in her hand. Another woman turned her pigs
into the garden, reasoning that the vegetables would benefit her no longer and
the animias might as well enjoy one good meal before the Indians arrived.

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