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Wester, Kevin J. (ed.) / Consumed by fire : a collection of writings about the famous Wisconsin Chair Company fire, Port Washington, Wisconsin, February 19, 1899

Milwaukee Sentinel: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wednesday, February 22, 1899,   pp. 67-71

Milwaukee Journal: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wednesday, February 22, 1899,   pp. 71-72

Page 71

Mayor Mueller was quoted in an evening paper as having said that it was
unnecessary for the firemen to have been hurt at the fire. He was asked about the
interview and he said he had used the word unfortunate and not unnecessary.
Pipeman's Body Will Be Taken to Star Prairie for Burial.
The remains of Michael P. Hackett, the pipeman of the Milwaukee Fire
department who died at St. Mary's hospital early yesterday morning, as a result of injuries
received at the Port Washington fire, will be taken to Star Prairie, Wis., his parents' home,
for burial. The body will be sent at 8:45 o'clock tonight over the Wisconsin Central
railroad. There will be no services here, but the remains will lie all today at the
undertaking establishment of S. F. Peacock & Son, 431 Broadway, where friends may call
to pay their respects. An escort of thirty men chosen from the Fire department at large
will accompany the hearse to the station and the pallbearers will be selected from among
Mr. Hackett's most intimate friends in the department.
To the Editor of The Journal: It is with no desire to enter into controversy with
anybody, but with an earnest wish properly to state facts in relation to the great calamity
that has almost overwhelmed our city, that this communication is sent to you for
Every good citizen of the state and of Milwaukee must deplore the blow that has
fallen on us. It will be a long time before we recover from its paralyzing effects. They
must also deeply regret, as all of our worthy citizens do, that two of Milwaukee's gallant
firemen were so seriously injured while trying to aid us.
When people are panic-stricken, as ours were Sunday night, many things are done
and said that cannot be helped. Such is the case here. The same thing has occurred in
numberless instances and will occur again, in other towns---even in Milwaukee. Who
cannot recall great fires in Milwaukee and other Wisconsin cities where people stood idly
by and gave no assistance? It is not as one could wish, but it's a lamentable fact,
Much of the criticism of our town and its people in some of the Milwaukee papers
is maliciously untrue. Doubtless if no one had been injured the excess of bitter feeling
now entertained would not be expressed. The incidents now so largly magnified to our
discredit would have passed unnoticed.

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