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Wester, Kevin J. (ed.) / Consumed by fire : a collection of writings about the famous Wisconsin Chair Company fire, Port Washington, Wisconsin, February 19, 1899

Sheboygan County News: Sheboygan, Wisconsin Wednesday, February 22, 1899,   pp. 33-37

Page 35

M. Burmish, two buildings ...... 2,000
Peter Poull, dwelling and blacksmith shop ...... 600
M. Roob, brick building ..... 1,500
Mrs. Lambert, brick building ...... 1,000
Smith Bros., fishermen ...... 500
Western Malleable and Grey Iron Works ...... 8,000
Martin & Wester, foundry ..... 4,000
Edward Neuendorf, three houses ...... 2,200
Joseph Eidenberg, building ...... 500
Peter Sturm, building ...... 1,200
G. W. Foster estate, building ..... 1,000
Louis Wambold, building ...... 1,000
J. C. Schroeling, building ...... 1,000
N. S. Bode, two buildings ...... 1,200
M. Schuver, two buildings ...... 2,000
Joseph Eidenberg, livery barn ...... 600
Peter Becker, building ...... 800
Over twenty-five families have been left homeless by the fire, but they have all
been taken care of. The loss to the village is very heavy and it will take a long while to
recover from it. If the chair factory is not rebuilt it will be a severe blow to the village
and at all events the burnt spot surrounding it will continue to remind the city of a
disastrous fire for some time to come.
F. A. Dennett, a state senator and the founder of the Wisconsin Chair company's
establishment, stated to a Wisconsin representative that the company had not decided to
rebuild and it is possible that it will not do so. The insurance will be enough to pay off all
of the company's liabilities and would leave the company no renumeration for the ten
years it has been working to build up the establishment. "If we rebuild," he said, "it will
take us ten years to place the establishment on its present footing again. It is too early to
make any definite statement in regard to when the company will decide upon this matter,
but the loss falls heavily on the men interested."
Milwaukee Company Kept at Work.
The Milwaukee company has been here all morning throwing streams on the
smouldering ruins and the piles of coal and lumber are still burning. The Sheboygan
company left for home at 5 a.m.
Pipeman Hackett Seriously Injured at Port Washington---Capt. Linehan Also Hurt.
Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. 20.---Capt. Patrick J. Linehan of No. 4 engine company,
and Michael Hackett of the same company, were brought to Milwaukee forenoon from
Port Washington. Both men were quite badly injured in fighting the fire there at an early
hour his morning. Hackett's condition is serious, while Capt. Linehan escaped dangerous

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