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Wester, Kevin J. (ed.) / Consumed by fire : a collection of writings about the famous Wisconsin Chair Company fire, Port Washington, Wisconsin, February 19, 1899

Port Washington Star: Port Washington, Wisconsin Saturday, March 18, 1899,   p. 23

Page 23

Cleaning Up.
On Wednesday a large force of men and teams were put at work cleaning up the
premises of the Wisconsin Chair Company. Matters regarding rebuilding are yet
unsettled, but the authorities have ordered the debris removed. The building of the spur
hangs uncertain, because some property owners, through whose grounds the track must
run, are asking what is considered a purchasers too high price. We hope both owners and
buyers can get together soon.
President Dennett was this week in Rockford, Ill., looking over property there
which has been offered his company.
THE STAR offers a word of warning and expostulation: Citizens, do not allow
unreasonableness or desire for personal gain to frustrate the almost superhuman efforts
that have been made to secure the rebuilding of our principal industry; fairness ought to
rule, and those who are not so disposed should be labored with. The company has not
asked too much,---neither ought individual's whose property may be wanted.
Inconsiderateness may defeat the whole undertaking and those who contribute to this end
will have only themselves to blame should their property depreciate one-half or more in
Light Again.
Wednesday the electric light plant "resumed operations", which fact was much
welcomed by our citizens. The dynamo was received Monday and placed in position at
once. Connections were made, lamps put in order, and Port is once more well lighted.
The past three weeks of darkness has made manifest the necessity of electric lighting to
even the most thick-headed kicker.
Will Erect a Brick Foundry.
Mr. Michael Wester informs us that his firm, Martin & Wester, will shortly begin
the erection of a substantial brick foundry building on the site of the old one which was
destroyed by the big fire of Feb. 19. This old and favorably known establishment has
furnished plows and other implement and castings to our farmers for many years past and
all are pleased that the concern is to continue in business.

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