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Randall, Geo. A. / Illustrated atlas of Winnebago County, Wisconsin : containing outline map of the county, map of each township in the county, with village and city plats. Also maps of the world, United States and state of Wisconsin, together with other valuable information

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among other undertakings, he followed for a number of years, boating
upon the  Wolf . first owning an interest in a tug boat, of which he later
became sole owner. He was successful in his undertakings, and amassed
enough capital to go into the lumber business. In 1882 he built at 
Winneconne a saw and shingle mill, and since has been engaged in the 
manufacture of lumber, shingles, laths, etc. His enterprise is of much
benefit to Winneconne, and as a business man Mr. Miller is a leader. 
In politics he is republican. He has held several local offices, and was
the first president of the village of Winneconne. In 1888 Mr. Miller was
elected assemblyman from the second assembly district in Winnebago county,
as the republican candidate, and represented this county in the session 
of 1889. Though he is not a member of any church he has always been a 
friend of religion. He is a member of the Phoenix lodge. No. 1355, 
K. of H., at Omro. In 1874 he was united in marriage with Frances McCabe,
daughter of Francis McCabe, an early settler of the town of Oshkosh. 
The children under the fostering care of Mr. and Mrs. Miller are Jessie,
Bessie and Chester E. Mr. and Mrs. Miller are among the leading members 
of Winneconne society, and enjoy the esteem of a wide acquaintance. Mrs.
Miller is a member of the Roman Catholic church.
  JOSEPH MIRACLE, a solid farmer, was born in London, Canada, January
1, 1887, and is a son of Hiram and Mary (Delamater) Miracle. Mr.
Miracle is the fourth of thirteen children, and was reared and educated in
Canada. Agriculture has been his life pursuit. In 1860, he came to 
Winnebago county, where he has since resided. He began here with a limited
capital; but, by his energy and enterprise, he has become a prosperous and
representative farmer, In March, 1875, he located in Winneconne township,
where he owns one of the best farms of the county. In September, 1861, he
married Elizabeth Cook, who died after living but one year as his
companion.  In 1863. he married for a second wife, Mary Catton. Five
children are the result of this marriage. Mr. Miracle is an influential 
citizen, a staunch republican and a Master Mason of the Winneconne lodge,
No. 186.
  MURPHY BROS., active young business men of Winneconne, opened
their meat-market in that village in the spring of 1885. They are sons of
Cornelius and Catherine (Hension) Murphy, both natives of Ireland. The
parents were married in New York, and had seven children. They came
to Winneconne in 1858, and subsequently removed to Omro, where they
have since lived. Of the subjects of this sketch. Thomas E. is the older,
and was born in New York, November 1, 1854, and the younger, John F.
by name, was born in this county June 27, 1858. Both brothers were
reared on a farm and received a common school education. They 
commenced business with a capital gained by energy and perseverance. In
business they are practical and successful. In politics they are 
democratic, and both belong to the Roman Catholic church. Thomas E. is
serving his second term as village clerk of Winneconne.
  CHARLES A. RUSSELL, manufacturer of light and heavy harness,
and dealer in trunks, valises, combs, brushes, etc., at Winneconne, began
in business at this place in May, 1881. Mr. Russell was born in Erie county,
N. Y., December 2, 1852, and is a son of James T. and Cornelia A. (Taylor)
Russell. He is a native of Scotland, she of Vermont. The father is a
harnessmaker, and is in business at Omro. The subject of this sketch is
the second of a family of five children, and was reared in the village of
Omro, to which village his parents removed in 1854. Charles received a
common school education in the Omro schools, and from his father learned
the harnessmaking trade, which trade he has followed for a livelihood. In
November, 1881, he was united in marriage with Hattie A. Newbert, a
native of this county. In 1884 Mr. Russell engaged in insurance. and now
represents five reliable fire insurance companies. He is an enterprising
young man and a valuable citizen. In politics he is a republican.
 J. D. RUSH, attorney-at-law and real estate dealer at Winneconne. Wis.,
was born near Chillicothe, Ohio, March 16, 1825, and is the son of John and
Mary Rush. The father was a native of Virginia, and was a farmer by 
occupation. About 1822, he located in Ohio, and subsequently was married
in that state, and later removed to Michigan, and settled in Case county,
where his death occurred. He was the progenitor of two sons and three
daughters, of which the eldest is J. D. Rush. He was reared on a farm
where he remained until he reached manhood. He received an academic
education at Niles, Mich. In the fall of 1848, he came to Wisconsin,
and located in Winnebago county, where he has since continued to reside.
Since coming be this county, and until 1870, he has been engaged in the
lumber business, with the exception of perhaps six years of that time, 
during which he taught in the public schools. Since 1870, he has been 
engaged in the practice of law, and in the real estate business. He has made
his home for the greater part, since coming to this county, in Winneconne.
In 1853, he was united in marriage with Eliza J. Edwards, daughter of
Joseph Edwards, who came from Ohio to Wisconsin in the summer of 1849.
Mrs. Rush was born in Ohio, August 28, 1834. Their marriage was favored
by the birth of a son and a daughter; both reached maturity, but the son
died at the age of twenty-six years, and the daughter after being married,
died, leaving no children. Mrs. Rush has been a life-long member of the
Methodist Episcopal church, and though he is not a member of any church,
he is friendly to all religious institutions, and is in all ways a progressive
citizen. Throughout life he has been a democrat, and in the year 1859, he
was, as the democratic candidate, elected to the state legislature, as 
representative from Winnebago county. He served one term, and since has not
aspired to political honors. He is a Master Mason of Winneconne lodge,
No. 186.
  CHESTER W. SMITH, a successful teacher, is a native of this county,
born April 24, 1852. He is the oldest but one of a family of four sons and
three daughters, of William and Sarah (Foote) Smith. The father was
born in New York, and the mother in Massachusetts. Their marriage
occurred in this county, where they have lived since an early day in its
settlement. Chester was reared on a farm, received a thorough common
school  education at Omro, and completed a course in the schools of Berlin,
graduating in 1874.  He taught his first school in the years 1868-9, and
since has folowed teaching as a profession, being so occupied each year,
excepting one, during which he edited and published the Omro Stalwart at
Omro. He is the present principal of the east side schools at Winneconne,
and has held the position for thirteen yeras, which evidences his success
and ability as a teacher. Since beginning the profession he has been 
identified with the educational interests of the county, and regarded as
representative educator. In politics he is a republican, and is also an 
ardent advocate of temperance. His life has been characterized by sobriety,
energy, and integrity. In 1877 he was united in marriage with Clarrie
Daggett, who was born in Boston, Mass., February 8, 1853. They have
had three chldren: Ella, Grace and Russell.
 JOHN SMITH was born in Washington county, Wis., September 29,1847,
son of John U. and Magdaline Smith. The father was born in Switzerland 
and the mother in the kingdom of Prussia. They were married in
this state and had seven children, but the subject of this mention alone
lived to reach maturity. Both of the parents died several years ago. In
early life John Smith served an apprenticeship with a shoe-maker, and this
trade has been his vocation.  He came to this country in 1869, and went
into business at Winneconne, where he has since continued, achieving 
success in his undertaking. He is a manufacturer and also dealer in boots
and shoes. In August, 1869, he married Mary Reichert, a native of 
Washington county. Wis. Two children, Ida and Hattie, have been born to
them. In politics Mr. Smith is a democrat.
  W. A. SMITH, a representative farmer of Winneconne township, was
born in Greensboro, Vt., June 17, 1828, and is a son of Peter B. and
Betsie (Woodbury) Smith, both of New England birth. The mother was
called away in death in 1863. The father came with his son to this county
in 1870, and died here in 1875. Mr. Smith was united in marriage in
August, 1851, to Miriam A. Burt, born in Canada, January 6, 1834. She is
a daughter of William and Dorothy (Barns) Burt; he a native of 
Connecticut, she of New Hampshire. They came to this state in 1864, and 
to this county in 1870. The father died in 1882, the mother in 1888. 
The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Smith has been blessed by the birth of ten 
children, four of whom died in early life. Mr. Smith has followed farming
for an occupation, and has been successful in this pursuit. He is a well
respected citizen. In polities he is a republican. Though not members of
any church, Mr. and Mrs. Smith are Methodists in inclination, and their 
lives have been characterized by piety, industry and integrity.
    S. F. SMITH, one of the representative farmers of the county, was born
at Barton, Vt., March 10, 1826, son of Samuel and Sally (Stafford) Smith.
Both parents were of New England birth, he was of Irish lineage, and she
of English. Their marriage occurred in Vermont, and resulted in the birth
of seven sons and six daughters. Of the children two sons and one daughter
died early, others reaching a mature age. The mother's death occurred
in Massachusetts, and the father's in Wisconsin. The subject of this was
reared on a farm, and by attending the country schools, he gained a fair
common school education, which he has improved by constant reading and
by a wide experience in life. At the age of twenty years he went to 
Boston, Mass., where he remained for eighteen years, fourteen of which he
spent as a hotel steward. While at Boston he was married in September,
1855, to Amelia Shepard, a native of New Hampshire, born November 21,
1830, and they have had three children: Frank, Emma A., and one that
died in infancy. From Boston Mr. Smith removed to Trenton, N. J., and
subsequently served for a short time as the superintendent of the Mercer
Iron and Coal mines, of Mercer county, Penn. Afterward returning to
Trenton, he remained there some seven years, six of which he spent as
foreman of the American Saw company. Subsequently he moved to Muskegon,
Mich., and there embarked in the business of selling and repairing
saws, continuing at that nearly six years. A few years prior to coming
west he had purchased of the government a tract of land in Winnebago
county, and in 1870, he sent his family to occupy the purchase; in 1878 he
suspended business at Muskegon and joined his family, and since has been
actively engaged in farming. In early life Mr. Smith was a poor Man, but
his untiring energy has made him successful in his undertakings, and he is
now prosperous, owning 260 acres of land in this county; 220 acres lie in
one body, and constitute one of the best improved farms of the county, of
which 200 acres are under state of cultivation. Eleven active fountains
upon the farm add to its excellence. As a farmer, Mr. Smith is practical
and succcessful; as a citizen he is enterprising and progressive. He and
wife are active members of the Free Baptist church at Winneconne, of
which church Mr. Smith has been a deacon for several years. Throughout
life he has been zealous in church and Sabboth school work. In politics 
Mr.Smith was a republican, but now adheres to the principles of the
prohibition party.
  J. A. SUHL was born in the city of Milwaukee, May 29. 1852, and when
but a child was brought with his parents to Oshkosh, in which city he was
reared and educated. By attending the city schools he gained his 
rudimentary education, and by completing a course in a business college in
Oshkosh, he acquired a practical business education. On reaching his 
majority he secured clerical work in Oshkosh, and was engaged in mercantile
pursuits in that city for nearly seven years. In 1876 he was united in 
marriage with Barbara Rhyner, who was born in Switzerland, March 14, 1858,
and emigrated with her parents to America in 1862. These parents located
in Winnebago county in the same year, and two years later the father's
death occurred; the mother survived several years, and was called away in
1882. In the fall of 1881 Mr. Suhl removed from Oshkosh to Winneconne,
and purchased what was then known as the Mape's House, now the Riverside
House. Since coming to Winneconne he has continued in the hotel business.
He is a valued citizen and enjoys the esteem of all. In politics he is a
staunch democrat. In the spring of 1883 he became the democratic candidate
for town clerk of Winneconme, and was successful in a republican town. 
As a demonstration of his popularity with the people it is sufficient that
he has been re-elected as town clerk up to date, and is now serving his 
sixth term in that capacity. His continuation in office is sufficient
commendation of his official ability. He is a Master Mason in  Winneconne
lodge, No. 186, and also belongs to the Sons of Herman, lodge No. 2.
  Z. M. SUMNER svas born at Bristol, Vt., August 16, 1832, and is a son 
of John R. and Clarissa L. (Mills) Sumner, the father a native of Vermont,
and the mother of Connecticut. The parents were married in Vermont,
and had five sons and one daughter. In 1849, the parents and their family
came to Wisconsin and located in this county, where they remained until
death. The father was a farmer by occupation and reared his family on
the farm. Our subject received a fair common school education, and then
devoted his life to agriculture. December 31, 1854, he was united in 
marriage with Juliett Jorden, daughter of John and Zuria Jorden. Mrs. 
Sumner was born in Vermont, February 28, 1832. They have two children:
Clara and Arthur. February 17, 1865, Mr. Sumner enlisted as a  private in
Company A, Forty-eighth Wisconsin volunteer infantry, and January 5,
1866, was discharged by reason of the close of the war. He is a republican
in politics, and is a member of Winneconne lodge, No. 161, I. O. O. F.
  E. VREDENBURGH, a successful farmer of Winneconne town, was
born at Kingston, N. Y., November 1, 1840, son of David and Julia Ann
Vredenburgh, early settlers of this county. Mr. Vredenburgh spent his
boyhood on the farm and has devoted his life to agriculture. In 1862 he 
enlisted as a private in Company B, Twenty-first Wisconsin volunteer 
infantry. He was with Sherman on the "march to the sea;" and on
the close
of the war was mustered out of the service as first lieutenant. He then
returned to this county, and in 1866 was married to Lizetta Allen, 
daughter of Stephen Allen, whose biography appears elswhere. Mr. 
Vredenburgh is a republican in politics. He belongs to the G. A. R. post,
No. 10, at Oshkosh; also Winneconne lodge, No. 161, I. O. O. F.
  PETER VREDENBURGH was born in Kingston, Ulster county, N. Y.,
January 28, 1836, and is a son of David and Julia Ann Vredenburgh. The
parents and their children came to Winnebago county in 1850 and have
since continued in the county. Our subject was reared and educated on a
farm, and his life has been devoted to farming, in which he has been 
prosperous. In 1882 he was united in marriage with Ellinor Bell, daughter
of George and Jane (Coats) Bell, early settlers of the county, born in
Canada, July 14, 1843. Mr. and Mrs. Vredenburgh have five children:
Annie, William, David, George and Amy. Mr. Vredenburgh is a 
representative citizen. In polities he is a republican. He has held 
several positions of honor and trust in his township and county. In 1882
he was elected a member of the Wisconsin assembly from the second district
of Winnebago county, and served two years.
                        TOWN OF WOLF RIVER.
  C. BURGNER was born in Switzerland, May 20, 1832, son of William
and Anna (Roby) Burgner. He received a common school education in
his native country, and was then engaged there in farming. In 1856 he
was married to Barbara Hofberger, who was born March 21, 1839. They
are the parents of ten children, all living: Rosa, Albert, Mary, Sally, 
Anna, Edward, Frank, Clara, Charles and Belle. In 1855 he came to America,
settling in Ohio, where he remained one year. He then moved to Wolf
River town, where he has since resided, following for some time farming
in summer and logging in winter. At present he is doing a dairy business,
selling milk to the cheese factory. In polities he is a staunch democrat
one of the leaders of the party in the town. He is a member of Fremont
lodge, No. 232. I. O. O. F., also John W. Scott post, G. A. R.
 PETER FAUST was born at Bingen on-the-Rhine, Germany, on July
27, 1837, son of Peter and Barbara (Bard) Faust. When nineteen years of
age he accompanied his parents to America and settled in Oshkosh. Here
he worked as a farm hand, cut timber and worked at saw-mills until 
September 11, 1864, wyhen he was married to Sophia Wurl. He then engaged
in farming for one year. Mr. Faust was accidently run over by a team of
runaway horses, from the effects of which be has never fully recovered.
This caused him to quit the farm and move to Oshkosh, where he engaged
in the grocery and feed business and so continued for six years. He then
purcased a farm in Wolf River town, and has followed farming, together
with stock-raising and lumbering.  Mr.and Mrs. Faust are the parents of
three children: Clara, Rosa and Sophia. Clara was married to William
Sherburne of Fremont September 22, 1886. In 1871 and 1872 he was
elected and served as alderman of the Fifth ward of Oshkosh. He is at
present chairman of the township, and has served in that capacity for the
past four years. He is a republican in politics, and is a member of
Oshkosh lodge. No. 27, F. & A. M.
  F. A. GRUENHAGEN was born in Milwaukee, March 7, 1845, son of
John F. and Frederica Gruenhagen. The former was alderman of the Second
ward of Oshkosh for several terms. Mr. and Mrs. Gruenhagen died in 1881.
The subject of this sketch, in 1866. purchased the "Rover," and
ran that
boat for seven years. In 1867 he sold it, and was engaged in contracting
and building at Oshkosh for five years. In 1871 he was married to Miss 
Pauline Merton, born April 2, 1845, daughter of Andrew A. and Agnes 
(Spanko) Merton. Her father was register of deeds of Winnebago
county from 1861 to 1864. After having married. Mr. Gruenhagen moved
to Merton's Landing, on Wolf river, where he engaged in general 
merchandise with good success. He has three children: Leo, Leonora, and
Richard. Mr Gruenhagen was postmaster of Orihula during the 
administration of President Cleveland.
  JOSEPH G. HILDERBRAND was born in Oshkosh on the 21st of August, 1853,
the fourth child of Joseph and Anna (Meyers) Hilderbrand, who were 
parents of twelve children. He received an education in the Oshkosh 
schools, and learned the carpenter's trade. In 1884 he engaged in
business in Fremont and continued in the same for two years, after which
he moved to the farm where he now lives. He was married February 3,
1884, to Anna Tenneson. He has been elected and has served two terms as
justice, and is one of the active men of the town. Mrs. Hilderbrand is a
member of the Catholic church.
  JOHN HOFBERGER, a good citizen of Wolf River, was born in Bavaria,
Germany, July 24. 1834, the son of John and Barbara Hofberger. He came
to the United States in 1855, and settled near where he now lives. He was
married to Flordena Ristau in November, 1859. They are the parents of
fourteen children. Mr. Hofberger has been honored by his fellow citizens
with the offices of chairman, treasurer, assessor and supervisor in his town,
a number of times. He is a member of Fremont lodge, No. 231. I. O. O. F.,
also member of Hiram Russell post. No. 160, G. A. R. His military service
was with Company D, Fifty-second Wisconsin infantry, in which he enlisted
in 1865, and served until discharged at Ft. Leavenworth in August
of the same year. At present his political alliance is with the democratic
  E. KARSCHNEY was born in Prussia on the 9th day of September, 1853,
son of Charles and Philipine (Wentzel) Karschney.  The father was a miller
by trade and he is still living, but the mother died March 13, 1871, The
subject of this sketch received a fair education in the schools of Germany.
At the age of seventeen he moved with his father to America, locating
first in New York, where he remained for two years. He then came to
Wolf River town, where he worked by the day and month for a number of 
years. On the 5th day of June, 1878, he was married to Augusta
Landentenbauch. They are the parents of five children, one girl and four
boys, named respectively: Lillie, Albert, Artie, Oscar and George. all 
living. Mr. Karschney, is a very successful farmer.
  CARL SPEIGELBERG was born in Germany. January 2,1819, son of
Frederick and Louisa (Kular) Speigelberg. His occupation in the old 
country was that of a shepherd. In 1846, he was married to Johanna Grade,
and they are the parents of eight children: William, Herman, Carl, Henry,
Wilhelmina, Florintina, Amelia and Bertha. Mr. Speigelberg came to
Wisconsin in 1854, and located where he now lives and has followed 
farming continually since with great success. Mr. and Mrs. Speigelberg are
members of the Lutheran church. In politics he is a democrat, and he is
one of the prominent men of the town.
  HERMAN SPINDLER was born in Prussia, February 19, 1848, son of
Gottlieb and Johanna (Ruhl) Spindler. The father came to Winnebago
county in 1852, at that time there being very few settlers in the town of
Wolf River. He died on the 5th day of January, 1886. The mother died
November 30, 1880. Herman, in 1866, engaged in the lumber and timber
business, and has followed the same to the present, farming in summer.
He was married January 24, 1876, to Minnie Borth, who was born April 13,
1858. They are the parents of two children: Mary, born March 25, 1881,
and Martha, October 23, 1885. Mr. Spindler has served two terms as 
treasurer of the town school district, and clerk for about ten years. He
is a member of Fremont post, No 213, I. O. O. F. Mrs. Spindler is a 
member of the Lutheran church, In politics he is a republican.
  JOSEPH VOGT was born in Baden, Germany, March 5, 1817, son of
John and Mary (Huber) Vogt. The father was born in 1771, the mother in
1792. Joseph was educated in Germany, and engaged in farming there
until August 28, 1854, when he came to America and settled in Wolf River
town near where he now lives. He was married in Germany to Tracy
Vogt in 1854. They are the parents of two children: Joseph, born August
17, 1857; John, February 10. 1861. Mr. and Mrs. Vogt are members of the
Catholic church. The son, Joseph, was married to Clara Grundmen on the
20th day of May, 1886.

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