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Harney, Richard J. / History of Winnebago County, Wisconsin, and early history of the Northwest

City of Menasha,   pp. 215-229 PDF (10.6 MB)

Page 229

will be found a full description of Webster &
Lawson's hub, spoke, and general carriage
stock factory, a view of which will be found
among the illustrations of Menasha.
A view of the fine residence and grounds of
A. J. Websteris given in these pages.
Mr. Webster came to Menasha at an early
day, and established the hub and spoke fac-
tory, which has since grown into such large
proportions, and a history of the progress of
which is given under the headofMenasha man-
In this enterprise, which originated in a fee-
ble beginning, he has achieved the greatest
success, and can now enjoy the credit of origi-
nating and pushing to the highest limit of suc-
cess one of the leading manufactories of this
part of the State, and an institution of the
greatest benefit to Menasha.
As a business man of capacity and integrity,
Mr. Webster stands high in the estimation of
his townsmen, and now occupies the responsi-
ble. position of mayor of the city, which he fills
efficiently. His elegant residence is one of
the finest in the city, and an ornament to that
part of the city.
R. M. SCO I-I.
R. M. Scott migrated from Vermont to
Menasha in the fall of 1852, and purchased a
tract of land in the now Town of Menasha.
From this land he had all the cordwood cut,
which supplied the Fitzgerald & Moore line of
steamers, at this point on the route, for three
years.   His first contract was for a thousand
cords. The proceeds and profits from the tran-
saction furnished the means which started Mr.
Scott in his continuously successful business
career; and from that time he has been engaged
in real estate transactions, contracting, lumber-
ing and milling; in all of which he has been
uniformly successful. In the work of building
up the city and opening up its public and pri-
vate enterprises, Mr. Scott has taken a leading
part, having erected a large number of dwell-
ings and business buildings; among others,
the Star Flouring Mill, his fine brick residence,
of which a view is here given, and the National
Hotel, the finest building in the city. In 1871,
he built, on contract, the first sixty-four miles
of the Wisconsin Central Railroad in one hun-
dred and twenty-one working days, a feat in
railroad building which surpasses anything
heretofore done in the State.  In 1872, he
built the part of the Milwaukee & Northern
Railroad from Menasha to Hilbert Junction-
seventeen miles-and in the same season, six
miles of railroad for the Wisconsin Central, to
connect Menasha with the Milwaukee & Lake
Shore Railroad at Appleton.   In 1873, he
built all the side-tracks in this city for the Mil-
waukee Northern and the Central.
One of the handsomest illustrations in this
work, is that of E. L. Mathewson's place, on
Doty Island, showing a view of the mouth of
the river and Lake Winnebago, and the dis-
tant shore. This place was formerly the resi-
dence of Captain McKinnon, of the English
navy, who settled here at an early day, and
imported a lot of choice blooded stock, of
which full mention is made on previous pages.
Mr. Mathewson came to Menasha at an
early day; and shortly after attaining his
majority, engaged in active business pursuits,
among others that of the manufacture of flour,
in which he was eminently successful. After
selling out his milling interest, he embarked in
the business of dealing in live-stock, which he
has since conducted on a large scale, shipping
by the car-load to Lake Superior and other
points, and is now known as one of the lead-
ing dealers in this part of the State
Mr. Mathewson's business capacity is shown
in his business management; and but few are
more highly esteemed in a wide circle of
acquaintances, tor integrity of character and
genial qualities of heart and mind.
Among the illustrations in this work, will be
found that of the handsome residence and
grounds, of Elbridge Smith. This fine place
occupies a delightful site, and commands a
fine view of the lake and river.
Mr. Smith is one of the very earliest settlers
of Menasha, and commenced his residence
there in less than six months after the advent
of the first settler; having moved there in
October, 1848. Immediately after his arrival,
he commenced the erection of the first frame
building, in which he opened a law office, and
commenced the practice of his profession,
which he has followed uninterruptedly to the
present time. Mr. Smith has taken a very
conspicuous part in the history of Menasha, and
has been regarded from the time of his advent,
as one of its representative men, and closely
identified with its interests, of which he has
always been an untiring advocate.  He has
held many public positions, and among them,
that of representative of his district in the
State Legislature; a position which he filled
to the satisfaction of his constituency.
i848-79. ]

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