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Harney, Richard J. / History of Winnebago County, Wisconsin, and early history of the Northwest

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CHAPTER LII.                       
The Early History of Neenah. The Government Agency, for
the Civilizing of the Menominees. A Mill, Shops and Block
Houses built in 1835 and 1836, at Winnebago Rapids, the
present site of Neenah. Harrison Reed in 1844 purchases
the site from the Government. George Mansur and Family
arrive in 1843, and become the First White Family permanently settled in
the present limits of Neenah. In 1845 Gov.
Doty builds his House on the Island. Gorham P. Vining,
George Harlow, Ira Baird and the Rev. 0. P. Clinton settle
in Neenah. First Birth, Marriage and Death First ReligioUs Services.
The Joneses become Proprietors. More newcomers in 1847, a Company chartered
for the Improvement
of the Water Power. In 1847, the First Village Plat recorded
by Harrison Reed. In same year Mr. Ladd erects the Winnebago Hotel. The firm
of Jones & Yale open a store.
1848, the Kimberlys purchase property and commence
improvements. In 1850, Board of Village Trustees elected.
Kimberly builds the Pioneer Flouring Mill. Canal Lock
Completed.Steamers   Jennie Lind and Barlow built.
Another Flouring Mill completed. Saw Mill constructed.
Another Manufacturing Establishment in Operation and
two more Flouring Mills. The Village Plats of Winnebago
Rapids and Neenah consolidated under the corporate name
of Neenah. In 1856 the first Passage of a Steamer between
Lake Winnebago and Green Bay was made, the Aquilla
passing through Neenah Lock. 194-204
The Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Constructed to Neenah.
Banks Established  The Seventh Flouring Mill Built  Final
Settlement of the Jones Estate. Additional Mills Built.
First Faper Mill Wisconsin Central Railroad. City of
Neenah Incorporated, List of City Officers from Date of
Incorporation. More Paper Mills. Hotels. Schools.Churches. 204-210
Description of Neenah. Scenery, Location and Historical Asso-
ciations. Summer Resort. Water and Railroad Communications. Manufactories.
Business Houses. Illustrations
and Personal Notices. 210-213
Town of Neenah. Early History. Physical Description. Organization. Early
Settlers, Etc. 213-215
The Early History of the City of Menasha. Purchase of Site.
Commencement of Improvements. First House Built. First
School and First Religious Services  First Birth. Rivalry
Between Neenah and Menasha for Location of State Canal.
Menasha Secures the Prize. Store Opened. Post office Established. Dam Completed.
First Saw Mill in Operation  First
Grist Mill. More Manufactories Established. Steamboat
Built. Plank Road and Bridge Constructed. Government
Land Office Established at Menasha. The Village Incorporated. Distinguished
Residents. Captain McKinnon's Blooded
Stock. Increased Transportation Facilities Completion of
Canal. Large Shipment of Freight by this Route from
Green Bay to Fond du Lac John Fitzgerald Establishes an
Exchange Office. Another Flouring Mill Built. In 1856
Uninterrupted Navigation Opened Between Lake Winnebago
and Green Bay. 215-221
Doty Island. Its Lovely Scenery. Chicago & Northwestern
Railroad. More Manufactories. The National Hotel Built
and Menasha Bank Established in 1870. Incorporation of
the City. List of City Officers from Date of Incorporation to
1879. The Wisconsin Central Railroad and Milwaukee &
Northern Railroad  History of Menasha Churches. Menasha
Public Schools City Officials. Civic Societies. Menasha
Newspaper Press. 221-226
Description of City of Menasha. Location. Historical Associations. Summer
Resort. Water Power
and Water Communications. Manufactories and Resources for Manufacturing.
Statistics of Manufacture. Business Houses. Notices of
Illustrations. 226-229
Algoma  291-294
Blackwolf 279-286
Clayton 271-273
Neenah 213-215
Nekimi 286-291
Nepeuskun 241-248
Menasha 230-231
Omro 294-296 (i)
Oshkosh  232-241
Poygan  277-279
Rushford 248-252
Utica 252-261
Vinland 269-271
Winneconne 261-269
Winchester 273-274
Wolf River 275-277
Winnebago County 296 (o)
City of Oshkosh 319-331
Village of Omro 333-335
City of Neenah 335-339
City of Menasha 341-348
Village of Winneconne 343-345
Village of Waukau 345
Village of Eureka 345
Residences of Philetus and Edgar P. Sawyer  First Leaf
Street View, Oshkosh Opposite Title Page
Residence of L. M. Miller  Opposite  49
George Mayer Opposite 94
James L. Clark Opposite 95
D. L. Libby Opposite 164
E. L and Geo. M. Paine Opposite 165
Robert McMillen Opposite 162
William T. Ellsworth Opposite  163
"Judge D J. Pulling Opposite 163
Andrew Haben Opposite 123
Geo. F. Strond Opposite 92
Ossian Cook Opposite  160
S M. Hay Opposite 161
Petersilea Homestead Opposite 161
H. C. Jewell Opposite 108
C. W. Felker Opposite 181
Doct. H. B. Dale  Opposite 180
Tom Wall Opposite 176
Peter Nicolai Opposite 156
Gen'l Thos. S. Allen Opposite 157
Doct. Frederick H. Linde Opposite 157
H. C. Gustavus Opposite 174
Gustavus Tes Opposite 175
Augustus Haight Opposite 177
Sash and Door F actory, R. McMillen & Co Opposite 173
Sash and Door Factory, Foster & Jones Opposite 168
Sash and Door Factory, Geo. W illiamson & Co Opposite 172
Keystone Flouring Mill, H  C. Gustavus & Co Opposite 169
Works, Storehouses and Docks of Cook, Brown & Co Opposite 171
Star Match Works, James L. Clark Opposite  170
Dry Goods Store, Wm. Hill & Co Opposite 166
Trunk Factory, Schmit brothers  Opposite 167
Geo. Mayers' Jewelry Store Opposite 167
Ferdinand Hermann's Block Opposite  158
St. Vincent de Paul Church and Academy Opposite 159
First National Bank, Oshkosh Opposite 148
High School Building, Oshkosh Opposite 149
Court House, Oshkosh Opposite 122
Northern Hospital for the Insane Opposite 132
Regatta at Oshkosh, July, 1877. Opposite 93
Beckwith House  Opposite  342 and 179
Steam Boiler Works, Martin Battie opposite 180
Carriage Works. Parsons & Goodfellow Opposite 96(j)
Street View Opposite 194
Russell House Opposite 195
Riverside Park.   Opposite 210
High School Building Opposite 211
John Robert's Summer Resort  Opposite 213
Residence of A. H. F. Krueger Opposite 212
Residence of E. L. Mathewson Opposite 226
School Building Opposite 227
Residence of R. M. Scott Opposite 228
Residence of A. J. Webster Opposite 229
Residence of Elbridge Smith Opposite 109
Hub, Spoke and Bent Work Factory, Webster & Lawson Opposite  133
Farm and Residence of George Rogers Opposite 233
Commodore Rogers Opposite 232
Mrs. Mark Plummer Opposite 236
George M. Wakefield Opposite 237
C. L. Rich Opposite 119
Cheese Factory, John Ryf Opposite 104
Cheese Factory, James G. Pickett, Pickett Homestead Opposite 252
Farm Residence of J. H. Maxwell Opposite 253
Farm Residence of David R. Lawrence Opposite 259
E. B. Ransom Opposite 258
The Late George Miller Opposite 261
William H    Clark Opposite 260
W. S. Catlin Opposite 131

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